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Think about the meaning and sense of this tattoo

will help our section with the values, history and meaning of tattoo drawings. After reading, move on to step #2.

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See photos of the finished tattoo

Look at the styles of tattoos and how changing your selected picture. Check out photos of the existing tattoo and don't repeat someone else's idea.

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Take advantage of sketches for a tattoo

We have collected for you not only pictures of the finished tattoo but also sketches and options for pictures that have not yet found its embodiment in the finished tattoos.

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ice hockey tattoo - 24.11.2023 216

Hockey Tattoos for the All-Russian Hockey Day – December 1st

Welcome to the world of hockey tattoos, where the passion for the sport is embodied in unique art! In this article, we present you with the Top-20 hockey-inspired tattoo ideas. From classic team logos to portraits of famous players – each idea reflects the spirit of hockey and is a true art form. Dive into

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Watercolor Tattoo Designs - 21.11.2023 121

Watercolor Tattoo Designs for World Watercolor Day – November 23

Watercolor tattoos are not just a trend in the world of tattoos, they are an entire art form, transferring the delicacy and airiness of watercolor paintings directly onto the skin. In this article, we will immerse ourselves in the world of watercolor tattoos, exploring their unique techniques, design variations, and nuances of execution. From bright

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How Cinema Influences the Popularity of Tattoos - 16.11.2023 058

How Cinema Influences the Popularity of Tattoos

Reflecting and shaping cultural trends – that’s what makes cinema special, especially when it comes to tattoos. In this article, we explore how famous movies and characters have influenced the perception and popularity of tattoos, transforming them from symbols of marginality into mass culture trends. Tattoos have a long and diverse history, reflecting the cultural,

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Tattoo Drawings of Ded Moroz - 14.11.2023 001

Tattoo Drawings of Ded Moroz for His Birthday on November 18th

Welcome winter with magic and style: our new article immerses you in the amazing world of Ded Moroz tattoos. From traditional images filled with traditions to modern and avant-garde designs, each drawing carries a unique meaning and cultural significance. Learn more about how these tattoos become a symbol of folk art, a source of inspiration,

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Tattoos with a Milkshake Design for Milkshake Day – November 15

In our new article, we delve into the fascinating world of milkshake tattoos, revealing their deep symbolism and cultural significance. From historical roots to modern design trends – we explore how these images have become symbols of personal stories and cultural traditions. Join us on this journey to discover the amazing world of milkshake tattoos.

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