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Black Alien discusses his plans for further body modifications - 130324 tattoovalue.net 001

Anthony Loffredo, better known as “Black Alien,” discusses his plans for further body modifications.

Anthony Loffredo, widely known online as “Black Alien,” is once again in the spotlight due to his insatiable desire to transform into the image of an extraterrestrial being that he envisions. Among the numerous modifications to his body – from tattoos covering almost all of his skin, including his eyeballs, to removing parts of his

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tattoo and career - A tattoo artist with a full sleeve of their own artw ebecf bc fec _1_2_3 - 140224 tattoovalue.net 082

What to do if a tattoo affects your career?

In the modern world, tattoos are no longer taboo, but the question of how they affect your career remains relevant. In this article, we will explore how to effectively combine personal beliefs and professional ambitions so that tattoos become your advantage rather than an obstacle to success. From practical advice on choosing a design to

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Intimate Tattoos: Everything You Need to Know Before Your Session

Tattoos in intimate areas are not just fashionable decorations but also forms of self-expression and art. However, before making the decision to have a session, it is important to know all the details of this process. Our article will provide you with a complete guide to intimate tattoos: from choosing a design to caring for

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New tattoo design of Rita Ora with an arrow on her hand: facts and photos

Rita Ora is once again in the spotlight: her new arrow tattoo on her hand has sparked wide discussions on social media. But that’s just part of the story. The singer not only expanded her tattoo collection in New York but also shared her experience undergoing the latest medical scans. Details are in our article.

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Tattoos with a Milkshake Design for Milkshake Day – November 15

In our new article, we delve into the fascinating world of milkshake tattoos, revealing their deep symbolism and cultural significance. From historical roots to modern design trends – we explore how these images have become symbols of personal stories and cultural traditions. Join us on this journey to discover the amazing world of milkshake tattoos.

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