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When filling the resource, we tried with maximum vigilance relate to the use of materials that may be subject to copyright.

We respect other 's rights and pursue the goal to violate them.

Unfortunately, not all situations, manages to truly find out about the availability of a ban on the use of snippets of text or images.

If within the , published text or an image that belongs to you and you do not agree with this, please contact resource and notify.

We shortly will fulfill your requirements about deleting material; either specify about you as about the author.

Urge, reinforce their claim documents confirming your right to content or restrict its spread (use).

We were ready to go out to meet the authors; however, we are very difficult to identify the real owner (author) content, if he does not have the documents, which confirm his authorship. If you do not have such proof, try to confirm authorship in other ways.

We will come to you at the meeting! Sincerely, site administration about the