Man with Tattoos Covering 95% of His Body Reveals What He Looked Like Before

In this article, we dive into the fascinating world of tattoos with Tristan Weigelt, a young man who dared to take a bold step by covering 95% of his body with unique tattoos. Since his first tattoo in 2016, Tristan has endured 260 hours under the needle, transforming his body into a living canvas, and now shares his story of transformation. Read on to learn about his journey, motivation, and how tattoos have changed his inner and outer worlds.




In an extraordinary transformation, Tristan Weigelt, a 25-year-old man from America now living in Copenhagen, has altered his appearance by spending around £40,000 on tattoos that cover 95% of his body. Since his first tattoo in 2016, Weigelt has spent 260 hours under the needle, drastically changing his appearance compared to how he looked before beginning this process.



With a large following on Instagram, Tristan shares his tattoo journey. He made the bold choice to leave only his palms, private parts, soles of his feet, and ears ink-free. His tattoos, inspired by Japanese tradition, include an orange “suit” with a dragon on his back, highlighting his passion for tattoo art. Despite varied reactions from the public, including disapproval from his parents, Weigelt confidently embraces his new look without regrets. He openly discusses the physical and social challenges of his path, noting that tattoos on the face, armpits, solar plexus, and feet were particularly painful. According to him, this process has been a long journey of self-discovery and healing.



Tristan emphasizes that despite external changes, he remains the same person inside. He recognizes himself in old photos and asserts that his personality has not changed due to the tattoos. Weigelt now aims to help others achieve their tattoo dreams, advising them to choose tattoos that they like and reflect personal values, regardless of specific styles. Reflecting on his transformation, Tristan notes a change in public attitudes towards tattoos, indicating that his own image, once possibly perceived as unacceptable, is now an integral part of his identity. Planning to reach 100% facial tattoo coverage in early 2022, his story is an inspiring example of self-expression and the growing recognition of tattoos as a form of art and personal expression.

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