Tattoos on body parts – photo

Watch tattoo on body parts

Fans of baptismal figures put tattoos on body parts, regardless of the skin integument. In this regard, there are no restrictions. Tattoos come in even the most unexpected parts of the body, for example, on the mucosa of the inner side of the lips. Total tattoo fill on the surface of the whole body, even on the face or on the intimate places. And every single picture has no clear regulations on where it should be for a bit. If you intend to fill a tattoo and have already decided on the sketch, but I don’t know where it hit, we offer you the catalogue of tattoos on different parts of the body.





























Pictures of tattoos on different parts of the body

This gallery includes photos of tattoos, stuffed in various parts of the body. Entire sections devoted to tattoos on feet, hands, neck, and so on. This section will be useful for those who identified with the tattoo, but still not decided on where you should fill.

Tattoos on body parts – what you need to know (catalogue of ready-made examples pictured)

Not to regret the tattoo-salon spent hours, and the mood from uncomfortable not Wizard was gone. It’s worth to choose the right place drawing for a tattoo. Tattoos on the back, for example, in the form of large-scale drawings, will be distorted when various movements and cause a puzzled looking from the side. Body painting in this place went from the Incas. They adored paint their bodies for battle.

Many of the girls chosen as field for tattoo-masters place for earlobe or neck. But this is also not a big sense, because this kind of tattoos will be either hidden under clothing or hair is hidden. But on the other hand, if a girl wants to bring zest to its own appearance, secret tattoo will as ever by the way.
Girls also choose tattoo underbelly, believing it will make them sexier. Men rarely beat tattoos in such places. Basically it makes those who want to hide unsightly scars after injuries and operations.
The same common place considered hands. There are three different areas: shoulders, forearms and wrists. Tattoos on the hands appeared very long and could carry information about a person. The place of his birth, and who he works for and what caste she belongs. Tattoos on hand carried the role a talisman or used in magic rituals.

Modern tattoo – choosing the place for application

Now, tattoos on the hands bear only good sense. This is the most moving and most often an open part of the body, so the tattoo is visible and always attracts attention.
Feet-an extensive tattoo work location Wizard. Girls mostly prefer the outside thighs and feet, and men-Shin. The process of tattoo on legs very painful. But drawing tattoos on feet causes less pain than, for example, on your hip. Tattoos on feet originate in India. There are paying great attention to the feet, so Indian girls put on this part of the body patterned drawings with henna.
And here’s the tattoo on her lap in the mostly popular among men, especially those who served time in places not so much distant. Tattoo in the form of stars on the knees mean negation patterns in prison.

The tattoo on his chest is an ancient tradition of warriors. They went to battle, praying for his return home. But as a talisman, a shield for the heart, chest tattoos. The drawings were meant to protect them in battle. Now tattoo on the chest are aesthetic in nature. The chest is a big part of the body and stuff, for example, a drawing or painting is allowed.
Tattoo on face popular with Maori tribes. Tattoos look like patterns and are fighting coloring. If the warrior was a peculiar tattoo mask, he deserved the highest honor. Now the same tattoos on their face are not popular, they have gone above the head. But it’s not exactly comfortable, because you need to constantly monitor the growth of hair.