Meaning of tattoo “Celtic”

Meaning of tattoo “Celtic”


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Here you’ll find a lot of amazing information about Celtic tattoo: the meaning, history of Celtic symbols, its’ interpretations. And, of course, there is a large amount of exiting photos with the examples of Celtic tattoos, which can help you to make a right choice!

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Exiting and unusual facts about the Celtic images, the meaning and significance of Celtic tattoos

A brief of the history of Celtic ornaments

The Celts were referenced firstly in books about 2,500 years ago. They lived on the territory of Western Europe. Today, the term often refers to languages, cultures and people that based in Ireland, Scotland and Brittany in France. The Celts were a group of peoples loosely tied by similar place of living and cultural expression. They were warriors, living for the glories of plunder and battle.

Celts didn’t have their own writing style, but a lot of fancy inscriptions were found on the stones and only because of them we can talk about Celtic art, which is so cryptic and wonderful.

A lot of ornaments of the ancient Celts imitate the weaving of baskets and braids. All it is similar with witchcraft work and it makes these images more mysterious. Celtic patterns can often include symbolic images of plants, animals, gods and people. It seems that they can be used in magical practice so these drawing are so impressive. And each ornament has its own meaning.

Today Celtic ornaments are the most popular tattoo and you need to think carefully about what pattern to choose and why.
The meaning of the most popular Celtic patterns
Celtic cross is among the most common tattoos. The cross illustrates how energies of our Universe converge. It represents the harmony of powerful energies both unseen and seen in our world. The ring of the Celtic cross for the Celt peoples meant endless love. It has no beginning and no end; so many people believe that it shows the God’s infinite love. The Celtic cross is really a very good reflection of the Celts’ ambitions and hopes.

The Celtic “Triquetra” is one of the most popular images for a tattoo. “Triquetra” looks like three interconnected ovals. You can see it in the photo. This symbol is usually accompanied by a circle. Many people believe that this circle is a symbol of eternity. Each leaf has its own meaning: hope, love and luck. This symbol is loved by Irish people. Such tattoo also is suitable for businessmen.

Among other popular images is a tattoo in the shape of heart. It usually symbolizes love between a mother and her children.

The Celtic Tree of Life symbol is one of the most mysterious. There are a lot of different interpretations of this image. The Tree of Life shows harmony in nature. Also, for the Celts the Tree of Life meant strength and wisdom. It was thought that they came from trees, and considered them magical and alive. A tree was like a doorway into the world where spirits live.

You can interpret all patterns in different ways, depending on what time they belong. But you can never know the real meaning of all these images because even today it is a mystery for scientists.

What is more, there are many Celtic images with animals which you also use for your tattoo. For example, the bull is a symbol of uncompromising and will. And in Celtic tattoo represents transformation, rebirth and inspiration.

There are many different interesting Celtic images that can be used for your tattoo; we’ve told you only about the most popular of them. Please, do not neglect the power and mystery of these strange and wonderful Celtic patterns while choosing the one for your tattoo!

Article prepared by: DARYA1 (Romanova Daria Ivanovna)

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