New tattoo design of Rita Ora with an arrow on her hand: facts and photos

is once again in the spotlight: her new arrow tattoo on her hand has sparked wide discussions on social media. But that's just part of the story. The singer not only expanded her tattoo collection in New York but also shared her experience undergoing the latest medical scans. Details are in our article.





In early 2024, Rita Ora expanded her tattoo collection by adding an arrow on her hand during her stay in New York. The singer shared her new tattoo on her Instagram, showcasing the moment she visited a tattoo salon in the first week of the year. In the photos, Rita is seen enriching her tattoo collection with an arrow with stars on her forearm, complementing the existing designs on her hands.



There's also a noticeable tattoo of the number 26 and a on her arms. Alongside these images, the singer posted shots of herself crossing a pedestrian crossing and playing pool. In her post, Ora expressed surprise about the popularity of the ‘NYC dumpy's' theme in 2024. She also recalled that her first tattoo was a tiny star near her waist, which she got when she was still a minor. Apart from this event, Rita Ora also sparked discussions by drawing attention to innovative radiation-safe MRI scanning, which costs $2,499. The singer shared her experience of undergoing the scan, emphasizing the importance of caring for , especially considering her mother's history of battling breast cancer.



However, this drew criticism from fans who pointed out the inaccessibility of such a procedure for a wider audience and its perceived orientation towards the wealthy. Bringing attention to expensive medical procedures raises questions among fans about whether it might deprive regular people of access to essential procedures.

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