The value of Harlequin tattoo

Here you can learn all the interesting things about the value of Harlequin tattoo, see photos of examples of tattoo designs, learn about their history and meaning. On a site you can choose a basis for the future tattoo, having addressed to our catalogue:

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The value of Harlequin tattoo - original options for drawing a harlequin tattoo in a photo collection

The value of Harlequin tattoo – original options for drawing a harlequin tattoo in a photo collection

Interesting about the value of Harlequin tattoo

The image of Harlequin, Jester and Clown is quite popular among fans of tattoos.

The history of the image is associated with the hero of the Italian comedy – pantomime, where Harlequin-a hapless cheerful servant who does not perform smart actions and thus not particularly worried about it. In the Divine Comedy, Dante Alighieri describes Harlequin as one of the demons. But in Europe this image came from Indian epics, the basics of tarot cards. In them Harlequin, the jester is a symbol of idealism, the ability to wonder about life and surprise others. It symbolizes the beginning of a new round of life, possibilities of choice of any direction of movement, unexpected fateful events. It is a symbol of emptiness and presence of open ways and possibilities. Select the direction of movement. As a pitcher that was full and now empty – to be filled with new impressions again.

In light of the symbolism of harlequin image twofold. On the one hand it is a jester, cheerful rollicking image, able to laugh at oneself. The image of jovial, reminiscent of the fact that everything in life is transient and it is necessary to rejoice and smile at every moment of life. On the other hand, it is a smile of sarcasm, despising the vanity of the world and its strict rules. From a height vignette on aspirations of people to success, their attempts achievement of purposes.

Such a tattoo is chosen by people who are able to joke on themselves and others, easy in communication, patient, but at the same time cunning.

Harlequin is a catchy and bright character, so the location of the tattoo should be visible to the surrounding area. Although they perform tattoos in black and white colors, it is still preferable bright colors and colorful masks.

See the photo with the options for the Harlequin Tattoo Pattern:

Harlequin with a sad face choose people slightly frustrated in modern world. Those who are sure that in the future everything is predetermined and we are left only to observe the course of life. More often pessimists, but still have not lost desire to please the world.

This symbol is loved by gamblers, rotter and extreme. As a symbol of the Joker – they are unpredictable, determined, reckless and prone to risk. Laughing at fate, they go through life easily, accompanied by luck, brave heroes. They meet the blows of fate not only with a smile, but mock over it.

More often it is a male symbol. Girls use this symbol less often. Harlequin cannot be small because he needs an area and a crowd. Need recognition, applause, but what’s under the mask? The dual symbol of tomfoolery and sadness, faith in wonder and emptiness.

The evil grimace of the clown symbolizes malice, treachery and hatred. The accompanying bloody symbols give a sinister plaque and gloomy mysticism. Such a tattoo can be inherent to the person enthusiast practices of black magic, sinister currents of philosophical thought and the convinced supporter of frailty being.

Deciding to capture on your body harlequin, think about the duality of this symbol. On the one hand –fun and laughter, on the other – gloomy sarcasm. The mask hides its true face, real motives of the actions, è under a grimace tomfoolery deep essence of the unrecognized person.

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