The angel tattoo meaning

Here we’ll speak about the meaning of an angel tattoo and different variants of the image. We’ll enumerate interesting facts concerning the image that will be important for all those who think of applying an angel tattoo.

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The angel tattoo meaning - a collection of interesting options for drawing tattoos on the photo

The angel tattoo meaning – a collection of interesting options for drawing tattoos on the photo

What does a tattoo with an angel mean?

Angel, Angelus, Messanger. The one who unites and conciliates our soul and body. A fantastic creature that as people believe combines physical and spiritual features in it. Beautiful beings with snow white wings. This image can be found in almost every world religion with some unique features. That’s why angel tattoos remain ones of the most popular among men as well as women and each person can choose something for him- or herself and bring to a tattoo some special  idea. Whatever it is.

The tattoo meaning can be different depending on the type of an angel you choose. Here are some examples.

Cherubs as tattoos and their meaning

Gold-haired and blue-eyed angel children – this image was created in the Renaissance. It is still being used as an amulet, a symbol of  purity and innocence. The most well-known cherub is Cupid – a curly-haired baby with a bow and golden arrows – who can give a person clean, mutual love as well as doom one to sufferings from unanswered love. Such tattoos look great on girls. If you believe in love or dream of a pure and tender feeling then maybe this kind of angel is for you.

Angel defender tattoos

You can often see images of angels with weapons in their arms. These are angels of a high rank which are known as Archangels. It is common to depict seven Christian Archangels (Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Raguel, Sariel, Jeremiel) as well as some abstract image of an angel-warrior armed with a sword or a spear. An Archangel is a symbol of protection and struggling with Darkness in the world and inside one’s soul. “The inner struggle” – that’s the meaning of an Archangel tattoo.

Fallen or dark angels as tattoos

Expelled from Paradise, fallen angels are free to choose what to do: the good or the evil. Such an image can underline the inner struggle of a person or be a reminder of some terrible mistake that has deprived you of something very important. The Dark Angel is also “a negative character”. The fisher of the souls embodies men’s fear of death. The Dark Angel will never let you forget that life flows fast and one should value every given moment.

Photo examples of drawing a tattoo with an angel:


Fantastic worlds have given us plenty of images of winged fairies and elves. These cute and colorful fantastic creatures with butterfly wings can point out certain lightness, playfulness and innocence.

Angel wings tattoos

Spread angel wings are a symbol of freedom and protection. These can be applied by spiritually strong people. One can emphasize the connection with God through such an image. And shut or even broken wings can show secret emotions of a person who is not absolutely sure of his or her beliefs. Wings on a man’s back can underline strength and kindness, readiness to be a guardian angel for somebody, as for women such wings will show a kind of tenderness and sensuality.

Prayer and regeneration tattoos

A praying angel is one of the most wanted tattoo images for women as well as men. And, of course, this kind of image has its certain meaning, too. All of your angel prayers – asking for relatives’ health, spiritual balance or grieving about someone close and lost – will be surely heard in Heaven. Such tattoos are often applied as a reminder of a person gone. If your tattoo has an image of an angel spreading its wings and ready to fly, that means that you are ready to change. A flying angel is a symbol of regeneration.

In an angel image one can find exactly what he wants – spirit, hope for the future, memories about gone close people, love or irreconcilable struggle. Each person can add his or her shades of meaning to this canonical image of kindness and light using color, shape and place on the body. Whether your tattoo has a deep meaning or is made just because of your love for art, whatever you’ve chosen – your angel will always be with you, it and you being the one whole now.

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