The value of the tattoo Ankh

In this article we will talk about the value of the tattoo Ankh, analyze the history, meaning and possible interpretations of the picture. For those who are looking for a basis for the idea of tattoos, after reading the article, we recommend you to view the following sections of our catalog:

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The value of the tattoo Ankh - photo collection of original drawings for a tattoo Egyptian cross Ankh

The value of the tattoo Ankh – photo collection of original drawings for a tattoo Egyptian cross Ankh

The value of the tattoo Ankh – meaning, options, interesting facts

Historical roots of the Ankh sign

Ankh is an Egyptian symbol consisting of a cross, as a symbol of life, and a circle on its upper side, as a symbol of infinity or cyclist. In the course of the development of culture of different peoples this sign acquired many values, but its original meaning was eternal life. Later he became associated with wisdom, immortality, power and power. In some studies of Egyptian culture Ankh is considered as a sign of Pharaoh, and its value is described as a combination of symbols of water and height, as well as persistence. The symbol was used in secret magic rituals, the purpose of which was the rejuvenation and recovery of the body.

The Egyptian cross, as it is called, is considered the key to life and vitality. In ancient times, only people considered magicians, and Pharaoh himself had the right to apply this symbol on the skin. This tattoo was ritual, and it was believed that damage on the skin symbol constantly nourishes the owner mystical energy, opened the door to the world of spirits.

The value of the Ankh tattoo

The versatility of this symbol leads to a variety of its values in the tattoo.

The most popular values of Ankh tattoo are:

  • Symbol of eternal life of the owner’s soul.
  • Ankh can symbolize and purchased man wisdom.
  • The sign of Ankh can be demonstrated and its prestigious position in the society.
  • This tattoo also emphasizes the owner’s craving for mystical knowledge and rituals.
  • Ankh can testify to the fact that the owner cares about his health and wants to postpone the onset of old age.
  • Ankh, as the union of male and female began, can bring good luck and mutual understanding in the relationship with the opposite sex and establish sexual life.
  • This symbol can also mean that a person was involved in a gothic subculture that often used Ankh as a symbol of the afterlife.
  • This sign can also serve as an amulet that protects the carrier from deadly danger.

Examples of tattoo drawings Ankh in the photo:

The combination of Ankh tattoo with other elements

Often choose the Ankh symbol as a tattoo for its elegant and mysterious appearance without going into its original meaning. The simplicity of this symbol allows to execute it in various styles, and also to combine it with many elements. Often supplement this sign with images of Egyptian gods, wings, beetles-scarab and scorpions, pyramids, framed by Egyptian hieroglyphs or Celtic patterns and even tribal motifs.

Who would fit a tattoo Ankh?

Depending on the style in which the tattoo is made, it can suit both men and women. The masculine version looks stricter, symbolizing the discipline of the owner, the feminine is elegant and more mysterious. Tattoo Ankh, whose value varies from case to case, is one of the universal tattoos, which can be easily entered into the concept of already available on the body of drawings.

Watch the video with pictures Ankh tattoo:

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