The Meaning of the Aphrodite (Venus) Tattoo

In this article we will analyze the meaning of Aphrodite (Venus) tattoo and talk about the history and the meaning of popular drawings in a modern tattoo. We recommend seeing examples from our catalog before putting such a tattoo.

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The Meaning of the Aphrodite (Venus) Tattoo - collection of ready tattoo drawings on the photo

The Meaning of the Aphrodite (Venus) Tattoo – collection of ready tattoo drawings on the photo

Interesting Information about the Meaning of Aphrodite (Venus) Tattoo

Aphrodite (Roman Venus) is a beautiful, eternally young Greek goddess, a daughter of the sky and thunder god Zeus and the oracular Titaness Dione. Her life’s purpose in mythology has many facets.

Destiny of the goddess:

  • First of all, Aphrodite represents the divine beauty, eternal youth of soul and body. According to myths and legends, when she appeared the sun, illuminating the whole world, shone brighter, and flowers blossomed their buds.
  • Being the embodiment of all glory, due to her unrestrained beauty, she is the goddess of Love. Defending and protecting all lovers with her Olympic power, she severely punished those who renounced the great feeling and betrayed the granted happiness of loving (her wrath has fallen on such heroes of the Greek epic as Narcissus, Hippolytus and Atlanta). Putting an image of Aphrodite on your body is a kind of confirmation of your dedication to the love element. However, Aphrodite tattoo does not mean donating oneself to a single dearie at all. The goddess herself was by no means a follower of monogamy. Being married to Hephaestus, the god of fire and blacksmiths, she had a lot of admirers ready for any feats for the sake of her favor. According to the Greek mythology, there was more than one adultery that have led to many children born out of wedlock. Nevertheless, they were all created by the great power of Love, the main purpose of Aphrodite’s life.

  • Born from sea foam near the island of Crete, Aphrodite was originally, by the nature of her birth, the goddess of the Sea and the Rain, the protector of seas. People connected with navigation decorated themselves often with the image of Aphrodite, because they believed that she was a good helper in navigating and a companion of sailors.
  • People born in April can also rightfully put Aphrodite tattoos, because this sunny and warm spring month was considered as the month of the goddess.

A collection of photo examples of a picture of a tattoo with pineapples:

Aphrodite tattoo image

The image of the Aphrodite tattoo can be different. The world-famous Venus de Milo is not the canon here. You can put only a portrait of the golden-haired beauty, or you can choose an image with the goddess’s companions: nymphs, roses, myrtles, violets, doves. That will be the indication of your meaning to the Aphrodite tattoo.

You can choose her image as the goddess of Peace and Harmony (with a dove), the goddess of the Sea and the Rain (with sea foam, pearls), or still as the goddess of Love and Fertility depicting her with flowers in lush curls (roses), apple or a magic belt fascinating all around.

photo Tattoo Aphrodite (Venus) от 25.09.2018 №023 - drawing -

But the main concept of Aphrodite tattoo is the personification of Love, Beauty and Harmony. Aphrodite tattoo will suit everyone who has a passionate heart and is an admirer of the creative power of Love.

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