Tattoo drawings

Watch tattoo pictures

This section is a gallery of photos of the finished tattoo, divided into specific topics depending on the picture. Tattoo because of the diversity of styles may portray a different picture. Some of them are specific to a particular style.





























Tattoo drawings presented at the gallery, will be useful for those who wants to get a tattoo, but is still not determined. Here, collected a large number of images based on different figures.

Pictures of drawings for tattoos

Among the sections of the gallery you can see a tattoo depicting a variety of pictures. Separate sections are dedicated to various characters, animals or objects. This gallery will help decide future sketch tattoo. It is of particular interest for people just beginning your acquaintance with this rich culture.

Modern tattoo pictures

Depending on various criteria for modern tattoos are divided into types: type, time and style.

On time

  1. Temporary tattoo is a graphics and images that are made using henna. Figure is applied to the surface of the skin with special thin brushes, and by the time it stays for about a month. After this period, the tattoo disappears and on this site you can make a new image
  2. Permanent tattoo – the image implanted under the top layer of skin special paint using induction machines with needle and rests on a body of almost all his life. Withdraw such a tattoo completely is very difficult.

By type:

  1. Beauty is held approximately two to five years, and are made to cover skin defects (scars, blemishes, scars, and so the next step), and most recently used and more permanent makeup.
  2. The usual – have a simple decorative purpose and are an element of self-expression, underline style and some of them serve as a protective amulet.

The art of tattoo has a long history and many different styles.

The most popular and demanded of them:

Celtic style is a beautiful weave different pattern of plant themes, in which there are pictures of branches, flowers and leaves. Later, these patterns are harmoniously intertwined and drawings of animals, making unique and delightful compositions.

Japanese style – different expression, brilliance and symbolism (the most popular symbols of this Dragon, Sakura, Chrysanthemum, Tiger)

Includes several stages of tattooing:

«Suji» – creation step sketch or outline on the skin;
«Otsumi» – the stage creates a path for the future of the image;
«Bokasi» – the stage of filling the picture tone using needle beam;
«Zuki-Hari» – the stage of applying the individual fragments;
«Khan-Bari» – final stage;

Russian style is the ability to choose subjects for tattoos of Russian fairy tales, epics and epic tales. Drawing can contain motifs in the Russian folk style, Altaic ornaments, or traditional patterns of Russian graphic art inherent in Slavic folklore.

Cyber-style is a modern direction in art tattoos, which combines its depictions of life and artificiality. In these plots merge mechanical elements and human joints, interwoven patterns of microchips and computer characters present urban motifs. It looks very impressive and stylish.

3D-style is incredibly realistic images, presented in 3D. This effect is achieved by creating economies of scale and depth to the drawing. Master drawing shadows visually raises the image over the surface, creating a 3D format body tattoo.

Point style (Dot-Work) has an unusual technique of applying an image bitmap. The drawing consists of a set of points, the intensity of which depends on the amount of drawing and moving tones from light to dark. Usually the tattoos executed in black and red colors.

These areas most in demand among connoisseurs of modern tattoos, and give the opportunity to choose the tattoo that fully reflects the world of its holder.