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Here you can watch the tattoo style

There are many styles of tattoos. Before you decide, you should see examples of tattoos in different designs. This directory has gathered a huge number of partitions with examples ready tattoos, which are made in a variety of styles. No matter you drew my attention to the «Old School» or to work in the style of realism, a good example of such a tattoo you are sure to find on one of the pictures in the sections of this gallery.





























Pictures of tattoos of various styles

Here you can get acquainted with tattoos that were made in different styles. Presented to your attention pictures of Old School style, traditional tattoo, realism, black work and so on. The gallery can be useful for those who are just starting their acquaintance with the world of tattoos. Photos, selected in the collection can help you facilitate the selection of performance style of your future tattoos.

Tattoo styles – find great deals!

For many centuries of existence of tattoos have evolved their styles. Some originate from past millennia, others have been invented recently. Now tattoo often serves as a decorative element, and each person must find their own genre, to be sure, will look like the picture on the body. In this article you will learn the different currents of tattoos and their origin, as well as find your style, the corresponding character.


Realism appeared not so long ago, two centuries ago. It significantly stands out from the rest, since the main styles his idea – realism story. As a rule, it is most often large pictures, which are placed in large parts of the body. This technique allows you to place on your body absolutely any portrait or picture, but be prepared for a long search for a suitable liner. Tattoo-style realism includes many nuances, and only the Wizard depends on its composition. He must be able to accurately move the thumbnail image on the skin that looked realistic. Be prepared to spend heavily.

Old School

Who now haven’t seen tattoos of «Old School»? This is a traditional style tattoo, which previously did the sailors to capture events with them in the sea, their loved ones and the various things. Most often depicted playing cards, mermaids, anchor, girls, rose and heart. These Old tattoos are performed differently: bright colors, a thick black outline.


Now minimalist images are increasingly gaining popularity among young people. These tattoos are not so difficult in technology may be small in size, look nice and simple. A large part of the images of this style is done in black. Most often depict flowers, geometric symbols and animals.


Dot-Work is a composition that was performed in accordance with each point. They occur from cave drawings made by Africans long before our era. Tattoos require a large impact and craftsmanship, this was not always the beginners, you must be able to correctly align the symmetry that turned out to be solid storyline. Typically, this is a great figure with geometric motifs and patterns.


Another unconventional method of applying tattoo graphics. It runs hatch technique the whole picture consists of dashes. In graphic tattoos there is no color palette, even with dark shades – everything is rich black color. Figure cannot be smooth; he always has clean lines and contours. You can often see tattoos with flowers, animals, patterns. But this list of ideas does not end, can be placed on the body of any figure, but each will look interesting and original.


Tattoo style Blackwork always attracts attention due to their non-standard ideas, namely full paint a plot in black. They look simply and beautifully without requiring complex thumbnail and are usually performed in the form of geometric shapes and patterns.


Custom watercolor tattoo with romantic motifs are very popular among girls. The uniqueness of the watercolor tattoo is in their abstractness, they completely mimic the watercolor. As you understand, to create them is taken an extensive range of colors and a wide variety of subjects.

Trash Polka

Style for real people-daredevil! Title fully reflects the essence of drawings, because trash in translation from English is «rubbish». But in the idea of tattoos that Word has a portable value, since using Trash Polka creates unpleasant and sometimes frightening motifs. Skulls, death, Gothic depicted in black and red colors on large areas of the body.

Oriental style

From the name one can understand that these tattoos came to us from the East and are characterized by their finesse and elegance. For many years, Oriental motifs are very popular among people: colorful drawings of dragons, lotuses, Samurai and storks fascinating look at the body. This is a great story with lots of details that it would be desirable to deal with forever.


Not to mention such a demand style as geometry. Geometric tattoos popular among tattoo masters and only the truly gifted connoisseur of his case could execute an original composition. They are not complex, but look beautiful and tasteful.

New School

Our article tattoo shut «New school», as opposition of Old School style. This is new in the art world and they appeared in the eighties of the last century. Unlike Old School, new school tattoos have greater color depth, volume; the technique here is more interesting and unique. The main figures are cartoon characters and comic book characters.

Take the choices of future tattoo seriously weigh the pros and cons, talk with friends and tattoo artists. Decide what you really capture on your body for life and not does it look like prison tattoo. Adhere to their tastes and feelings, and also do not feel sorry for money for good wizards because only professionals can guarantee you a quality picture.