The value of the Abstraction tattoo

Here we will analyze the value of the Abstraction tattoo, find out the meaning, history and variants of these tattoo patterns in the modern world. For those who choose the basis for their tattoos, we advise after reading the article, see our catalog:

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The value of the Abstraction tattoo - collection of examples of finished tattoo drawings abstraction on the photo

The value of the Abstraction tattoo – collection of examples of finished tattoo drawings abstraction on the photo

Interesting about the value of the Abstraction tattoo

Abstraction is the direction of art, which appeared relatively recently. In ancient times, similar tattoos talked about the achievements of our ancestors, now the tattoo Abstraction does not make sense, so often they are chosen by those who decide to decorate their body, but does not want to invest in the drawing of any importance. Because of the lack of sense people are not serious about such a tattoo, and the person is considered frivolous, but it is the Abstraction shows us an unusual view of the world.

Abstraction tattoo: meaning

Take that tattoo doesn’t make sense wrong. Yes, it does not make sense to others, but each person is his body in a similar way puts in the drawing its meaning and philosophy. This, as well as a lot of lines, colors, signs and patterns will allow us to learn about the person that is not always able to tell the tattoo with the deepest sense.

  • Pastel colors and soft, streamlined lines allow us to conclude that the carrier tattoo man soft, harmless, such shades will suit women.
  • Angular, made in black or red the picture speaks about unbalanced and manifests man. But a tattoo of this type can talk about the opposite, that the person is sensitive, requiring love and attention, and such a pattern, he only wants to attract him.
  • Religious or ethnic ornamentation indicates to us a life position or a hobby.
  • Bright pattern with all sorts of curls, lines tells us about the person cheerful.

Original examples of drawing of a tattoo abstraction on a photo:

Places of application

Tattoos can be applied to any part of the body. Sketches are so diverse that you can pick a picture for any part of the body whether it is a finger or a spin. Most often choose the following places:

  • It can start with a bracelet in black color and then go to the sleeve. The bracelet on a biceps and triceps in the man, thus, will underline their size, and the bracelet on a woman’s wrist, on the contrary will indicate a slenderness and fragility.
  • Back. Choose people who have not yet decided on the size or even the image, which in the end they want to get, because starting with a small picture, it can always be complemented by many different details.
  • The option of applying a tattoo on this part of the body is suitable exclusively for women, because in society there was such a stereotype that the figures on the back are perceived as a sexual appeal to the opposite sex.

Image options

This tattoo has no styles, frames, so it is difficult among the many ornaments of different subjects, constantly expanding new ideas, new colors, drawings to highlight some kinds, but still need to pay attention to the following groups:

  • Ethnic;
  • Religious;
  • Related to some fashionable phenomenon, such as gothic or romantic;
  • Imitation of materials. Here it is possible to include a bark of trees, metals, skins of animals, a skin.

Nuances of applying Abstraction tattoo

As the drawing does not have any borders, it allows not stopping on certain contours to which the technique of realism obliges. As a result, Abstraction tattoo can be easily adjusted to the area of the body, which was taken for the hair.

Watch the video with abstract tattoos:

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