The meaning of the tattoo “Paper airplane”

Here you can find out all the most important things about the meaning of the tattoo “Paper airplane”. You’ll get acquainted with the variations of popular designs, their features, and options and will be able to find out the meaning of these designs, their interpretation and the history of its emergence. We have collected more examples for you here:

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The meaning of the tattoo Paper airplane - a collection of interesting tattoo designs on the photo

The meaning of the tattoo Paper airplane – a collection of interesting tattoo designs on the photo

All about the meaning and the features of the tattoo “Paper airplane”

The tattoo must have a meaning.

The meaning and information are put in a tattoo since time immemorial, otherwise, why spoil your body.

Now it is more often just the self-expression, an attempt not to be like everyone else.

But there is another category of tattoo lovers, these “thinkers” put into the tattoo the meaning of their past life, and they program their future.

Description of the picture

A small airplane made of a sheet of paper completes the drawing with a dotted line depicting a winding trace of the airplane.
Nice-looking usually girl’s tattoo picture.



Almost everyone, or rather everyone, made a simple paper airplane out of a piece of paper torn from his school notebook and let it go anywhere, anytime, at home, on the street, during a break or even in class! This is a subconscious association with carefree childhood, dreams, plans, fun, fantasy, lightness.

The freedom of flying like a bird, easiness, and feeling of celestial force is the subconscious desire of many people. They have special feelings for aircraft. Currently “Paper airplane” tattoo became very rare, maybe because it has no magical subtext? No one knows.

Photo examples of drawings with a paper airplane tattoo:

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The meaning to the tattoo “Paper airplane” is given by people themselves, based on their own life experiences:

* Reminder of the cloudless childhood;
* Naive nature and soul;
* The naturalness of spirit;
* The ease with which a person goes through life;
* Lightness of the soul and the ability to rejoice in the small things of life;
* Easiness;
* Pilots and other civil aviation personnel;
* Military personnel associated with the aircraft;
* Dreamers, philosophers;
* Travelers who adores flights and new emotions;
* Each time desire to a new dream or goal;
* Freedom-loving personalities, in love with life and liberty;
* Those who have lost loved ones in the air crash and did the tattoo in memory of them;
* Those who escaped it, as a reminder of the existence of miracles.
* Also people with aerophobia who are in horror of flying.
Carries an extremely positive meaning.

Description of the picture.

A sketch can be schematic, colored, with the traced details. It depends on the fantasy of the artist and the future owner.

Location of the tattoo.

There is no clear guidance about the location of this tattoo, in most cases. It is located on the wrists, collarbone, back, ankle, under the rib, often on open and visible parts of the body. When people notice such a tattoo, they don’t ask what it means or is there a hidden meaning, they just smile and remember their childhood.
The important thing is that this is not a decal, and it is not painted with henna, which will wash off. Tattoos leave a trail in human’s life. The choice of the design and the meaning of the desired tattoo must be taken seriously. You need to carry this idea with yourself a little.

Tattoos must not be put by amateurs, self-taught people at home, it is dangerous to your health!

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  1. Jaimes Higginson Reply

    This tattoo can also be associated with people who have a gift for writing or enjoy reading, in that authors, playwrights and lyricists captivate the mind and fly their audience away with words, and readers tend to travel within their mind whilst reading.

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