The meaning of the Anubis tattoo

This article is completely dedicated to tattoos with the image of the Egyptian god Anubis, usually depicted as a canine or a man with a canine head. We will try to find out the meaning of the Anubis tattoo, the interpretation and possible idea of this tattoo design. Those who have definitely decided to get such a tattoo should see and study various photos and sketches of Anubis tattoo on one’s body.

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The meaning of the Anubis tattoo - photo collection of interesting tattoo drawings

The meaning of the Anubis tattoo – photo collection of interesting tattoo drawings

Interesting information about the meaning of Anubis tattoo

Egyptian themes for tattoos are the most attractive and interesting, because it was a great and ancient civilization that managed to give a deep meaning to the symbolism, which was of great importance in those days.

Nowadays tattoos with Egyptian drawings are not at the height of popularity and many consider them as obsolete and irrelevant, But, in principle, this fact does not reduce the potential and profundity of the drawings that are directly related to the times of Ancient Egypt. Just look at the number of tattoos with drawings of scarabs, pyramids, the Eye of Ra – each of them has a direct relationship to the bygone civilization.

What can a tattoo with the image of Anubis mean?

Tattoos with the symbol of a deity can have a personal meaning that is embedded in the drawing by the owner. However, this kind of tattoo will obviously be associated with the character of the deity itself. It is also relevant when we analyze the meaning of the Anubis tattoo.

The figure of Anubis can be considered as a symbol of mystery. It can be explained by the fact that despite the huge number of researches carried out in order to study this “God” in the culture of the Egyptians, little is known of him for a fact. Anubis was considered as the patron and lord of the afterlife, which initially kind of overshadows such a tattoo. However, it does not make the drawing less interesting and profound.

Photo examples of tattoo drawings with Anubis:

Anubis was a god who ushered souls into the afterlife. The significance of this world exceeded the short-lived “earthly” existence. The short terrestrial way was just a test in preparation of what Anubis kept.

For many owners of Anubis tattoo, this figure has a protective meaning that a drawing with a guide to the world of mystery and the unknown is designed to carry.

The classic Anubis figure is a creature with a human body and a head of a jackal or canine that looks extremely unusual and attractive.

Tattoos with this image often talk about finding one’s destination and special way that will be an omen of something new and exceptional.

Popular versions of Anubis tattoo are:

  • on an arm
  • Anubis Cross
  • on a forearm
  • on a foot
  • on the back
  • Anubis with the weighing scale

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