Typo in Olivia Rodrigo Lyric Tattoo Goes Viral

When Grace Flemming decided to permanently imprint the lyrics of her favorite singer Olivia Rodrigo on her body, she did not expect a small typo to turn her tattoo into a viral hit. In this article, we will discuss how a mistakenly omitted word in the tattoo caused a wave of laughter and support online, and how it affected Grace herself. Join us to learn more about this unusual adventure and what it means for the young fan.




Grace Flemming, a 20-year-old from Colorado, unexpectedly became famous on social media after discovering a typo in her new tattoo featuring lyrics from the well-known singer Olivia Rodrigo. The tattoo, located on Flemming’s left arm just above her waist, contained a phrase from the song “hope ur ok,” which meant a lot to the young fan. The phrase “address the letters to the holes in my butterfly wings” was supposed to symbolize overcoming difficulties, but due to the tattoo artist’s oversight, the word “fly” was omitted from “butterfly,” leading to an unexpected twist.


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Grace showed the tattoo to her boyfriend, who was the first to notice the mistake, leading to a humorous exchange. Initially, Flemming couldn’t believe she hadn’t noticed the error earlier, but then she found the situation amusing and decided to share it with friends and family. According to her, their reaction was priceless, and she then decided to post a video on TikTok, which garnered over 800,000 views. Flemming, who has been a fan of Rodrigo since 2015 and admires the singer, hopes that Olivia will see the video and appreciate the humorous yet endearing moment. In July, Grace plans to attend a Rodrigo concert and show her the tattoo, after which she will decide what to do with this amusing misunderstanding. This story reminds all tattoo enthusiasts of the importance of double-checking stencils before taking such a significant step.

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