The butterfly tattoo meaning

What is the meaning of the butterfly tattoo: its sense and interesting facts?

The butterfly tattoo is a female symbol which embodies the delicacy, beauty, elegance, lightness and tenderness. There is a great number of species of butterflies that is why you have an opportunity to live out your fantasies about any picture. There are a lot of meanings of the butterfly tattoo; this allows you to choose what fits for you and your character. The butterfly looks beautiful, attractive and feminine on a woman’s body.

The butterfly tattoo meaning - information about the features of the picture and photo examples of finished tattoos

The butterfly tattoo meaning – information about the features of the picture and photo examples of finished tattoos

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The history of the butterfly tattoo.

The beauty, symmetrical shape and grace of these tender creatures have drawn the attention of people of different nationalities from ancient times. The butterfly became a symbol of revival, transformation and resurrection because of the phases of its development. It moves from an ugly greedy caterpillar to a tender little beauty. These delicate creatures symbolized an immortal soul in Ancient Greece. Any butterfly was considered to be the harbinger of war in Ancient Rome. The butterfly tattoo meaning in Japan is a woman and grace; a white butterfly symbolizes the spirit of the dead; two flying butterflies mean family happiness and welfare.

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The butterfly means joy, immortality, abundance, longevity and beauty in Chinese culture. The Slavs saw a symbol of the human soul in this little creature but sometimes it was called the death omen. The butterfly is a symbol of revival, the immortality of the soul and future resurrection in Christianity. Recently there is the new meaning of the butterfly tattoo for some reason as a symbol of a woman of easy virtue.

What does the butterfly tattoo mean?

  • First of all, it is a symbol of the feminine strength and beauty. You will try to look as bright as a butterfly on your body if you make such a tattoo.
  • The flying butterfly is a symbol of freedom because it flies where it wants to fly. The girls who want to show their freedom and independence make a butterfly tattoo.
  • The butterfly tattoo works for every girl because it may be associated with luck and good fortune.

butterfly tattoo photo 04.02.2019 №020 - tattoo idea with a butterfly -

  • The butterflies are associated with family happiness in Japan. So women can make this picture on their body if they want to keep a family safe from troubles.
  • The butterfly tattoo will work for the girls who try to change their lives and want to forget the past. In this case a butterfly is a symbol of the revival, transformation and personality change.

Photo example drawing a tattoo with a butterfly:

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The tattoo with a butterfly can mean anything you want, taking into account your own feelings, desires and wishes. It can be also made when it’s time for the big moment of a girl’s life (marriage, childbirth, new activity, graduation and others). The tattoo of a butterfly can be made in one color but the variants in different bright colors look extremely beautiful. So you can choose any version it depends on your wish and the meaning you want to give to an image. This also applies to a tattoo’s size.

butterfly tattoo photo 04.02.2019 №023 - tattoo idea with a butterfly -

You can often meet a single butterfly but it also can be a group of butterflies or a butterfly as a part of the general composition (a butterfly on a flower, for example). The butterfly tattoo also may be just a body modification without any sense, for instance. We strongly hope that now you know more about the butterfly tattoo meaning and our materials are useful for you. If you have additional information on a butterfly in a tattoo, the history of a drawing and the sense of the butterfly tattoo we would highly appreciate if could add the thematic information in the comments.

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