The meaning of shackles tattoo

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THE MEANING OF SHACKLES TATTOO - information about the features of drawings and photo examples

THE MEANING OF SHACKLES TATTOO – information about the features of drawings and photo examples

Something interesting about the meaning of the shackles tattoo

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Nowadays the of such tattoos no longer contain the philosophical meaning originally embedded in them. Young people get shackles tattoo to change their visual appearance. Shackles which are inked on 's hands or legs emphasize the fragility and of the woman's body, and it has a very brutal appearance on the man's body.

photo example leg shackle tattoo 07.10.2019 №012 -leg shackle tattoo-

The semantic meaning of tattoo

For the first time the using of shackles in the form of tattoos began in prisons. The meaning of such an image was limited to the inevitable punishment of committed crimes. In Russian prisons only prisoners, who had served at least five years in detention, got shackles tattoo. Sometimes the length of the sentence can be determined by a attached to the shackles. One link will mean a year, half a link — six months. Besides, the adding of various items will change the ultimate meaning of the image, but at the same time reveal the biography of the person with this tattoo in details.


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arm shackles tattoo

handcuffed tattoo

handcuffs tattoo

leg shackle tattoo

sketch for tattoo shackles

tattoo handcuffs sketch


In another light, the meaning of a tattoo with shackles can bring a positive way. Shackles with torn chains look very symbolic. This way they act as a of liberation and release from sins. Many young people who are members of informal youth movements use this tattoo as a symbol of autonomy, rebellion and independence.

Some people also see this image as a union sign or the people they are associated with. Young couples make the same tattoos with the adding of a person's name to the shackles. In this way they represent eternal devotion to each other, connecting their destiny to the fate of this person forever.

photo example leg shackle tattoo 07.10.2019 №007 -leg shackle tattoo-

Some people like the idea of using this tattoo as an amulet from prison, captivity and other troubles. They symbolize the shackles tattoo with torn chains with release.The semantic shades of the image can be emphasized with all kinds of additional objects such as ribbons, flowers and inscriptions.

Tattoo placements

Areas of the body suitable for applying the shackles tattoo are restricted to the ankle and wrists of the hands. Some brave people very rarely apply it on the neck as well. The place of the tattoo and the shape of the fetter will depend not only on the human building, but also on the meaning of the image.

photo example leg shackle tattoo 07.10.2019 №003 -leg shackle tattoo-

Nuances while applying

For tattoo application it is possible to use colors of silver, gold and copper. Sometimes black is used, because only it can convey the severity and mass of the fetter.

photo example handcuffs tattoo 07.10.2019 №042 -handcuffs tattoo-

It is worth noting once again that in the criminal environment the tattoo with the image of shackles is a distinctive sign with its peculiar meaning. Adding some objects to the shackles also has a certain sense.

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