Cheetah tattoo meaning

In this material we will analyze the meaning of the tattoo “Cheetah” and the history of this graceful tattoo design. For those who have decided to go to the tattoo parlor and put such drawing on them, we suggest working out the tattoo idea in detail. You can find the basis for your ideas here:

Cheetah tattoo meaning - features of the picture and photo examples

Cheetah tattoo meaning – features of the picture and photo examples

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Interesting facts about the Cheetah tattoo meaning

Slender graceful body with exquisite movements and strong muscles, adorned with an unusual pattern of black spots on a sandy-yellow canvas. What is this wondrous creature of nature? This is only a superficial, brief description of the eastern predator of the cat family, breathtaking Cheetah.

Photo tattoo cheetah 22.01.2019 №005 - tattoo cheetah example of drawing -

Friendship with humans

The joint story of cheetahs and humans begins from time immemorial. Having survived the ice age and their evolution as a species, they both did not lose their attractiveness and power in the art of hunting. It was these qualities that became the binding elements of human-cheetah friendship. Thus, the princes of the East often used these beautiful cats as hunters, for example, in the 10-12th centuries they caught saigas (a member of the antelope family). And in India, King Akbar had about 1,000 cheetahs, because he loved them too passionately.

Photo examples of drawing a tattoo with a cheetah:

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Characteristic features of the Cheetah tattoo

  • It has been found that Cheetahs are the fastest among mammals; they develop a speed equal to the most powerful race cars, about 110 km/h, in a matter of seconds. This figure makes the Cheetah tattoo a symbol of speed and quickness – quickness in making important decisions, clarity when choosing the course of actions to achieve a goal.
  • The majestic cheetahs are exposed in the process of hunting; they do not hide from their victims, but slowly approach them, making it possible to avoid the grave fate of being eaten. It rarely helps anyone, of course, because it’s not an easy task to get away from such athletic-built predator. The man who chooses the Cheetah tattoo also is open in front of the enemies and hardships. Such people encounter setbacks and attacks from detractors with their heads held high. Making it clear that they do not know the feeling of “being a victim” and without hiding their intentions, they go into a battle honorably, defending their own interests and their loved people.
  • The cheetah eats only the food that it itself deserves – that it tracked down, caught up, and killed. And it often hunts for each meal, without making reserves. This characteristic brings the features of Diligence and Selectivity to the meaning of the tattoo.
  • Grace and Dexterity are one of the basic meanings of the tattoo. The famous cheetah jump that makes it easily soar above the ground amazes everyone who sees it.

Photo tattoo cheetah 22.01.2019 №015 - tattoo cheetah example of drawing -

The way of applying the Cheetah tattoo

The method of applying the tattoo is also meaningful.

  • Tattoo where a predator grins and shows its fangs or claws means the aggressiveness, even some cruelty of the tattoo owner.
  • If a cheetah is in a peaceful and calm state (lying, sleeping), the main characteristic of the tattoo will be the person’s inner confidence and calm personality.
  • If the cheetah is depicted jumping or running, it shows the commitment to the cause and craving for a constant development.

The tattoo of a predatory cat is popular with both men and women. The only difference is that ladies also perceive it as a symbol of grace and wisdom.

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