The value of the Army tattoos

Military tattoos tend to decorate the bodies of those people who have served in the Army or are soldiers. Like many other categories of tattoos, this species denotes the social status of its carrier among the military, indicating its affiliation to certain troops and units. According to unwritten Army laws, only experienced soldiers (hazing) have the right to make tattoos on their bodies.

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The value of the Army tattoos - original drawings of a tattoo on a photo

The value of the Army tattoos – original drawings of a tattoo on a photo

Popular Army tattoos and their value

In addition to the fact that military tattoos are beautiful and are a real decoration of the male body, each of them has its own meaning. Often soldiers in memory of military year's needle Army tattoos, and their significance for them bears the memory of the events, friends and so on. Military tattoos are not done just as the title should be earned, only then they have really meaning and correspond to reality.

Like all tattoos Army has its differences, which allow the knowledgeable person to determine to which troops the soldiers belong. Also, sometimes the tattoo indicates where the service took place, in what years, in which part. Often and a group of blood soldiers, which is especially true if the soldier was in the hot spots. Army tattoos and their significance have always been interesting not only to soldiers, but also to those who are only going to give a debt to the motherland. So below we will consider the classification of the most popular military tattoos.

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Intelligence and Special Forces

Most often, fighters who serve in intelligence or Special Forces meet a bat tattoo. It is portrayed together with the moon on a dark background, thus symbolizing the night and silence, almost always there is a dome of the parachute. Often there are turtles in berets, nearby can be depicted helicopter, plane or anything else, which has a military purpose.


Most of the Marines meet the tattoos depicting the canopy of the parachute. Quite often the character of these troops is the skull in the bandana, stiffened from the sea depths of the dolphin or anchor against the globe. The most simple tattoo is a with the inscription «Marines».

Photo examples of army tattoo designs:


Among the soldiers of the airborne most popular is a tattoo, depicting an open parachute with wings BMD. Often these tattoos indicate the years of service and the place in which they were held. Quite often, the fighters of this unit can meet the of the winged sword with a beret on the shield and emblem of the Airborne, winged . Special attention deserves a difficult performance, but certainly a beautiful tattoo parachutist with a parachute on the background of the departing plane.


The representatives of this kind of troops often meet the tattoos of sailboats, wheel wheels, anchors. The exception is soldiers serving in the Northern Fleet, usually their shoulders adorned with a polar bear. Interesting is the fact that most employees in the Navy on the edge of the of the inscription «For the Navy! », which is particularly noticeable when its owner overturns a glass of vodka in his .

Naturally this is not the whole list of existing options that can decipher the value of the Army tattoos. Tattoo application is a real art, so in many respects everything depends on the skill and imagination of the master. But, before drawing a picture of the image follows the brother into account that each tattoo has its own meaning and for a person aware of it like a map, able to tell about a person or some of his period. The main thing that the image, applied on your body, having its meaning, corresponded to reality. And of course, if you did not serve in the Army, you better pick up for yourself other tattoos.

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