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Here you can find out everything about the meaning of the diamond . You’ll get acquainted with the most popular designs and will be able to find out their meaning, their and the history of their emergence. For those who have already chosen a picture but have not decided about its design we prepared the additional materials within the site:


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The diamond tattoo meaning - information about the picture and photo examples of finished tattoos

The diamond meaning – information about the picture and examples of finished tattoos

Interesting information about the meaning of the diamond tattoo.

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As a rule, a diamond can be monochromatic but the variants in blue, purple and pale pink colors look extremely beautiful. So you can choose either a color version of a tattoo or a black and white one, it depends on your wish. The skilled masters can even depict the shining of jewels. This tattoo has no limit on the grounds of gender. Both men and women choose with similar frequency a diamond tattoo which can be designed in various styles. The diamond tattoo is named after a gem. The brilliant is the most beloved one. It is a manifestation of a great personality, strength and courage. The tattoo with the profound symbolism is a very powerful and demanding talisman. It helps to reach your goals and provides protection from evil, but only if your thoughts are pure.

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What is the meaning of the diamond tattoo?

  • The diamond tattoo for men
  • The diamond tattoo for women
  • The diamond tattoo with wings
  • The diamond in a crown design
  • The diamond with a rose design
  • The matching diamond tattoos


The meaning of the tattoo for men.

The man with the diamond tattoo is a strong, confident person who moves towards the goal (whether love or wealth) with determination. He takes too much upon himself and other people, especially his close friends. He is not interested in other people’s merits unless they are his enemies.

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The meaning of the tattoo for women.

The diamond tattoo is very popular with the women. This picture symbolizes the owner’s dedication and vitality. In addition, a diamond tattoo protects a woman from evil and safeguards her honor and beauty. This image also helps to develop self-confidence and to a woman’s fears.

examples of diamond tattoo designs:

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The meaning of the diamond tattoo with wings.

This image means that a person has a strong additional desire to achieve the goals. And these purposes are supposed to be sublime and bright. This tattoo also has another meaning. It is a great hunger for freedom and the reluctance to limit somebody.

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The diamond in a crown design.

Making a picture of a diamond in a crown on your body, you are trying to get help in achieving well-being, prosperity and high social status. The more detailed the picture is, the greater the chance your wish will come true. They have a saying that you are blessed with fortune after making a crown tattoo with diamonds, rubies and emeralds.


The diamond with a rose design.

You can find a diamond tattoo matched with another tattoo symbol — a red rose. In this case it has the meaning of big passion and pure love. This tattoo looks extremely nice on a girl’s shoulder. If a gem is in a rosebud, the image means the high value of an owner’s beauty, the need to for the right to own it and the responsibility to protect it.

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The meaning of the matching diamond tattoos.

If two people who love each other make the matching diamond tattoos they therefore show the strength of their feelings. On the other hand, these matching tattoos should protect people who love each other from the negative influence of evil, keep them safe from temptation. The matching tattoos are usually made on the lovers’ wrists or on the ring fingers of their right hands.

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