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The meaning of the tattoo Scales - features of the picture and photo examples of finished tattoos

The meaning of the Scales – of the picture and photo examples of finished tattoos

Interesting about the meaning of the tattoo “scales”.

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Tattoos have long been a way of expression. put various pictures on their own bodies to demonstrate a certain trait of their personality to the whole world.

Tattoos depicting scales were relevant at all times. Due to the multiplicity of its meaning, the symbol of weights is widespread among those who want to stand out from the crowd and open the whole world to themselves.

This article will be useful to those who already have the scales tattoo, and those who are just planning to decorate their skin with such pattern.

photo tattoo scales 26.01.2019 №014 - an example of a tattoo for scales -

Possible meanings of the scales tattoo.

Originally, this was the embodiment of the only inanimate sign of the zodiac. Later, the symbol of scales has become multifaceted, so today it has different interpretations and can be perceived in different ways. This is a part of its charm: every person can choose whatever is to their liking. Then the scales tattoo will acquire its individuality, and the secret of this image will be known only to its wearer.

The most common meanings of the weights include the following:

  1. Zodiac sign.

Many are proud to be born under the constellation of Libra. The fact is that the sign of the zodiac grants each individual a special trait, allowing them to stand out from the general environment. Thus, cultural figures, romantics, creators, and poets are often born under the Libra. They feel the creativity and make a tattoo of scales trying to show others their uniqueness.

  1. Symbol of justice.

By putting a scale on their skin, with a keen sense of justice demonstrate their position in life to the whole world. In this case, it is clear that the tattoo owner does not tolerate lies and hypocrisy, and appreciates sincerity and kindness in other people.

photo tattoo scales 26.01.2019 №015 - an example of a tattoo for scales -

  1. Illustration of life principles.

The items placed on the scales help to understand a person’s nature, views and preferences. For example, when the heart lying on one bowl outweighs, we can talk about how great the value of love is in the life of a given person.

Photo examples of tattoo designs with weights:

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  1. Mental harmony (or lack of it).

If the device is in a state of equilibrium, a person is in complete peace of mind, and his or her spirit is unshakable. If the empty scales are skewed, it can mean an internal imbalance, contradiction of one’s own convictions, disagreement with oneself.

photo tattoo scales 26.01.2019 №016 - an example of a tattoo for scales -

  1. Search for the true essence of things or own way in life.

Scales is a device that helps to weigh the pros and cons. When a person wants to find their own way, they carefully consider any decision, as if weighing it. The image of the scales in this case will remind its owner of its main goal.

Who is this tattoo for?

The scales tattoo will be a good choice for focused on their inner world and on their personal experiences. Creative people and sensitive romantics can also embrace this symbol and use it for self-expression.

photo tattoo scales 26.01.2019 №037 - an example of a tattoo for scales -

A tattoo depicting scales has become an attribute of a person who is in search of their true self.

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