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Here you can find out everything about the meaning of the cherry tattoo. We will talk about its sense and the history of this popular design. We will offer you a photograph gallery with some examples of various cherry tattoos and some tattoo sketches within the site. If it is not enough, we are glad to offer you two sections in our tattoo catalogue:

  • of the cherry tattoos
  • Sketches of the cherry tattoos
The cherry tattoo meaning - information about the meaning of the picture and photo examples of finished tattoos

The cherry meaning – information about the meaning of the picture and examples of finished tattoos

The cherry meaning – the most interesting

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As far as you know, the cherry tree grows in Western Asia and in Eastern Europe. People from all over the world like and eat cherries, they are found throughout the world. These berries are considered to be the treasure of the Mediterranean thanks to the full flavor and bright appearance.

The Japanese people think that a cherry tree is a symbol of their country; it’s a defining attribute of Samurai in this country. They also hold an annual festival dedicated to a cherry. It’s more about the cherry blossoms than a cherry.

photo tattoo cherry 28.01.2019 №002 - an example of drawing a cherry tattoo -

And by the way, young girls often make the cherry tattoos if they want to show their sexiness, elegance and cheerful disposition.

The cherry meaning, its sense and the history of the picture.

First of all it should be noted that the cherry meaning is different from the meaning of the Sakura blossoms tattoo. The last one symbolizes softness, beauty and true feelings. The cherry tattoo is more about sexiness. The sketches of the cherry tattoo are usually simple and uncomplicated.

photo tattoo cherry 28.01.2019 №008 - an example of drawing a cherry tattoo -

The cherry should not be confused with the cherry or Sakura blossoms tattoo; the meanings of these symbols are totally different. The cherry or Sakura blossoms are treated as purity, naivety and spirituality.

examples of drawing tattoos with cherry:

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You often can meet the pictures of a cherry made in old-school and new-school styles. The meanings of the cherry are different for these styles. This symbol is very popular thanks to its small size, and you can see it on secret parts of the female body.

And we should not forget that the cherries mainly symbolize innocence. If there is a cherry with flames all around a picture it symbolizes passion and desire. Dark red cherry is often associated with a woman’s lips. The ripe cherry is a symbol of maturity. The cherry on a branch with leaves symbolizes virginity. The untouched berries are always considered to be a symbol of a woman’s chastity. The picked cherries are the most common choice.

photo tattoo cherry 28.01.2019 №012 - an example of drawing a cherry tattoo -

People mostly don’t pay attention to these tattoos, but actually the picked cherries mean losing virginity. It can also be perceived as complete readiness to meet new men and to have an affair with someone. The cherry inside of a tiny piece of ice is a very interesting and original tattoo and it’s rather hard to explain the meaning. The ice is supposed to mean restraint, protection which covers up the magnificence. The cherry also can be an addition to another image. The most common example of this tattoo is a cherry on a dessert, for instance on a cake. The cherries and whipped cream are associated with a sweet life. If a cherry is depicted as a partially eaten berry, it can be said that the owner of this tattoo could get a taste of life and passionate love.

The dominant color of the picture can say plenty of things about the tattoo. The bright cherry with a shade of pink means childishness.

The cherry tattoo meaning should not stop you from making it on your body, because you can always give your own meaning to it.

photo tattoo cherry 28.01.2019 №014 - an example of drawing a cherry tattoo -

The privilege of this tattoo is that you need not limit yourself and you may let your imagination take flight. The cherry can be any color – green, yellow, red or pink. Various colors can make a picture bright and interesting.

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