The snake tattoo meaning

What is the meaning of the snake tattoo?

The snakes symbolized different phenomena and qualities at various times and in different cultures. As you know, they could be associated with good and evil, wisdom and lack of sentiment or other things.

The snake tattoo meaning - information about the features and options of the picture - photo examples of finished tattoos

The snake tattoo meaning – information about the features and options of the picture – photo examples of finished tattoos

The snake tattoo meaning – most interesting facts

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For example, a snake was considered to be a cunning and wise creature in Antiquity. The snake wrapping around a staff was a symbol of Hermes. People consider this god to be the most cunning among Olympic gods. The snake was also a symbol of medicine in ancient Greece. This symbol has survived until the present time as a snake leaned over a cup.

It is undeniable that the snakes were highly respected in India, because they considered to be extremely wise creatures. People respect them partly because of the legend. It states that the big cobra covered up sleeping Buddha with its spread hood from the sun. This applies to Buddhist, of course.

The meaning of the snake tattoo.

The snakes are believed to be not only smart but beautiful living beings in certain cultures. For instance, comparing a woman to a snake is a compliment to her in Japan.

The snake is considered to be a bad creature in the Western world, within Judeo-Christian civilization, because of the story from the Bible. It says about the serpent seduced Eve with an apple, and therefore people lost the paradise once and forever.

Photo examples of drawing a tattoo with a snake:

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What does the snake tattoo mean?

Generally speaking, a snake tattoo and a snake itself symbolize wisdom, lack of sentiment, cunning and so on. However, there are some images of the snakes with their own importance:

  • The snake devouring itself. Such a picture has meant cycling and infinity since ancient times.
  • Two entwining snakes. This picture may symbolize a strong and unbreakable union.
  • The snake shedding its skin. This tattoo has a meaning of reincarnation, revival and the beginning of a new life.
  • It is often associated with power and control.

You should know the snake tattoos are often just a part of the general composition. They can be complemented with other elements. You can find a snake tattoo matched with daggers, wands and other objects. And the widespread subject for a snake tattoo is often fighting other animals, tiger or lion, for example.

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