Demon – Tattoo Meaning

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Demon - Tattoo Meaning - information and photos of tattoo designs

Demon – Tattoo Meaning – information and photos of tattoo designs

Demon Tattoo Meaning – Interesting Facts

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There are a lot of ways to draw the demon tattoo. The reason is – demons are part of many different cultures. There are various hierarchies of demon ranks, numerous demon clans and thousands of demon and legends. Thus, the meaning of the tattoo depends not only on the way of drawing. It is also connected to the culture the tattoo owner belongs to.

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Here is how the meaning can differ from continent to continent:

  • The Orthodox tradition names demons “fallen angels”. Therefore, the owner of this tattoo is considered to be the worshipper of the dark force.
  • In , demons are called “little gods”. People worship them the way they worship real gods. Egyptians thought that those people who were brave to put an image of the devil on their skin gained the power to fight their dark side.
  • Japanese use the demon tattoos to protect themselves from evil spirits.
  • The Greek culture perceives this tattoo as a symbol of luck, since demons are considered to foresee one's destiny.
  • The meaning of the demon tattoo differed greatly among the peoples of North America (in particular among Mayas and ). In the Maya tribe, only men could have it. It symbolized their courage on the battlefield. Aztecs used demon tattoos for religious rituals instead.

Photo examples of drawing a tattoo with a demon:

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Although demons have always been seen as the opposite of the good, a lot of peoples have found their positive side. They have long believed that by putting a devil image on the skin, they protected themselves from the dark force, including .

Despite demons' belonging to the dark side, each demon has its unique characteristics. For example, Olotan is the guardian of traditions and laws. Adrammelech is the demon of death. Asmodeus – the demon of knowledge. Therefore, knowing demons' characteristics can help find the right image for a tattoo.

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It is not obligatory to put the image of the devil itself, just a symbol can be sufficient. For example, Lilith is usually drawn as an owl, Nergal – as a white rooster, and Astaroth – as a black wolf. Yet the most popular representation of a devil is still an image of a huge creature with an animal face and damaged wings.

People usually put demon tattoos on the arms, legs, or the back. They are normally drawn in black and white. However, the tattoos of demons from the Japanese culture are always colored.

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Gargoyle – Tattoo Meaning

Sometimes people consider gargoyles part of the demon clan. Indeed, these flying creatures become alive at night and turn into a stone during the daytime. In the Slav culture, they represent repentant sinners. The gargoyle tattoo reminds its owners of the sins they have confessed or the bad habits and traits they should get rid of. However, the gargoyle tattoos mainly show the owners' interest and belief in the dark force.

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