The Meaning of the Sparrow Tattoo

The material provides information about the meaning of the sparrow tattoo, its importance and history. For those who are going to make a tattoo depicting a sparrow, we offer you to look over the following sections of our catalog of the finished tattoos:

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The Meaning of the Sparrow Tattoo - features of the picture and photo examples of finished tattoos

The Meaning of the Sparrow Tattoo – features of the picture and photo examples of finished tattoos

The Meaning of the Sparrow Tattoo – The most interesting

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When you look at the image of a tiny gray bird or a colorful sparrow tattoo (in fact, a sparrow can be depicted very differently), you may wonder: what does the “sparrow tattoo” mean? What our ancestors implied representing the sparrow and how this concept was transformed in our day.

The meaning of the sparrow tattoo – examples of the finished tattoos in photos

So, a sparrow tattoo can rightly be called a classic old school tattoo (classic tattoo). Perhaps that is why such tattoo is chosen by completely different living in different parts of the .

The meaning, history and significance of the sparrow tattoo

Sparrow, like any other flying bird, symbolizes freedom, going beyond the limits and rules… And, accordingly, is a source of inspiration for the owner of the sparrow tattoo and the surrounding people. It is a symbol of fun, of life, enthusiasm, energy. Also the sparrow is a token of loyalty and devotion. Sparrows are known to travel very long distances and always return home. But there is a flip side to the coin: sadness, greed, lust, cocky attitude.

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In Greek mythology, the sparrow was a companion of goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite. It is known that when sparrows find a mate, they remain faithful to their other half – quite a worthy value of the sparrow tattoo.

The Egyptians believed that the sparrow was a guide to other worlds. When the soul left the body, the sparrow picked it up and brought it to another dimension.

Photo examples of drawing a tattoo with a sparrow:

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In China, the sparrow is a symbol of male potency. Western art also resorted to this concept: if we see an image of a with a sparrow in her hands, this means that the artist wanted to emphasize the depravity of this lady.

For the , the sparrow symbolizes wealth.

The sparrow picture, if tattooed in places of imprisonment, represents a desire for will.

The sparrow tattoo took a special place among sailors. By tattooing the sparrow, the sailors wanted it to be their insurance, a kind of lifeline in a dangerous situation. On the one hand, the sparrows helped to return home from any storm (sailors in general gave the birds special treatment: if you can see birds, then the land is close). On the other hand, if a sailor perished far into the sea, his faithful sparrow picked up his restless soul and took it to heaven. This sea belief has Egyptian roots. Now such tattoo is sometimes done in memory of deceased loved ones.

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The sparrow tattoo can be diversified with a branch, a or something else whatever your imagination can come up with (usually the one who decides to get the sparrow tattoo gets to choose its surroundings). The names or sayings are often applied next to the sparrow.

You can put a fantastic sparrow on your skin in the bluebird-style that brings good luck, or in the firebird-style with the bright feathers. You can make a cubistic tattoo or choose any other appealing style.

In the modern world, the meaning of the tattoo “Sparrow” was transformed into symbol of an energetic, optimistic, enduring personality. Just remember Jack Sparrow with his uniqueness and love of freedom.

The sparrow tattoos can be put in any place and of any size which is also their advantage.

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