The Meaning of the Vitruvian Man Tattoo

Here you can read interesting information about the meaning of the tattoo “Vitruvian Man”, look at the drawings of the finished tattoos in the photo, read about their significance, history and interpretation, learn the features of different options. We collected more pictures here:

  • of the “Vitruvian Man” tattoo.
  • Sketches for the “Vitruvian Man” tattoo.
The Meaning of the Vitruvian Man Tattoo - information about the features of the picture and photo examples of finished tattoos

The Meaning of the Tattoo – information about the features of the picture and photo examples of finished tattoos

Interesting facts about meaning, options and value of the tattoo “Vitruvian Man”.

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This material reveals the meaning of the image, the history of its creation and the value it carries.

Image history

is one of the most common images of modern times. Even if we assume that a person does not know who Leonardo Da Vinci is, it is hard to imagine that someone would have never seen his drawing.

The image shows two overlapping drawings: in the first the man stands with his arms and legs apart, in the other the same man stands with his arms at shoulder level and his legs brought together. The first drawing is inscribed in a circle, and the second in a square.

photo tattoo vitruvian man 22.02.2019 №101 - idea for drawing Vitruvian man -

This image is both a piece of art and a scientific work. It influenced the development of the exact sciences, such as mathematics, and various areas of art. The drawing was found in artist’s diaries, and the man depicted in it represents the ideal ratio of proportions. In 2016, Irish artist John Quigley created its enlarged copy on the ice of the Arctic in order to show how unstable ecology is now.

Meaning of the

is a symbol of the universe. According to Da Vinci, the man consists of four elements: earth, water, fire and air. This image shows the inner harmony and balance of a person. Through the symmetry of this man, we see the harmony of nature. A person who chooses this image is looking for inner harmony, balance of life, and wants to achieve balance with the universe.

Photo examples of a tattoo with a Vitruvian man:

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Variations of the image

There are canonical images of the picture, as well as its various makeovers. Some artists in order to emphasize that it means balance, add scales to the hands of the man. Some go further and change the image of a man to other characters, for example, a woman or Jesus, but in this case other ideas mix in, which changes the meaning of the tattoo.

photo tattoo vitruvian man 22.02.2019 №098 - idea for drawing Vitruvian man -

Tattoo location

There are no restrictions for this. The most popular places of choice are the back and the forearm. This tattoo has no gender: if desired, it can be made by both men and women.

The main proportions of the picture

As stated above, the drawing is the canonical image of proportions. When performing a drawing, make sure that they are not changed, which in turn can cause difficulties in implementation. The original painting is 24.5×34.3 cm. When performed in the same dimensions, difficulties with counting are unlikely to arise, but such a large picture may be applied only to large areas of the like the back. If you want to get a smaller image, it needs to be scaled, which undoubtedly complicates the process of creating a sketch and requires increased attention to it.

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