The umbrella tattoo meaning

This article is about the meaning of the umbrella tattoo. We will talk about the most popular designs of the umbrella tattoo, their sense and the history of their emergence. We advise you to visit the pages of our catalogue before going to a tattoo parlor if you have already chosen a picture and have thoughts about the idea of your future tattoo.

  • Photos of the umbrella tattoos
  • Sketches of the umbrella tattoos
The umbrella tattoo meaning - features of drawings and photos examples of tattoos

The umbrella tattoo meaning – features of drawings and photos examples of tattoos

Interesting information about the meaning of the umbrella tattoo

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What does an umbrella mean?

The umbrella is first of all an object that protects a person against unfavorable weather, wind, rain or the rays of the sun. This object was considered to be a symbol of wealth and power in China and in Egypt. The umbrella is often considered to be a sign of shadow and sun at the same time. It is a kind of connection between the lower and upper worlds.

The umbrella tattoo should be good for:

  • shy and coy people;
  • people who need protection;
  • people who want to say something about power and patronage.

But people who choose the umbrella design think about a symbol of protection. The umbrella tattoo should help to fight against different fears and to develop self-confidence. It also can protect a person from heavy losses and from danger.


photo tattoo umbrella 06.12.2018 №146 - example of tattoo design umbrella -

The umbrella tattoo meaning

It goes without saying that this tattoo will be an unusual decoration. This image may have a meaning which the tattoo’s owners give to it.

In general, the umbrella tattoo meaning is defined with the main function of this object. This picture on your body like a real umbrella performs a protective function. This is why an umbrella tattoo can be on your skin as a protection from bad influences. The umbrella tattoo protects the owner from different problems and difficult life situations. It is the guardian of your inner peace and well-being.

Photo examples of tattoo designs with an umbrella:

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The umbrella tattoo can be seen as a keeper of family happiness. In this case, an umbrella has a love sense and it should protect mutual understanding and family love.

The image of an umbrella on a body can be a sign of auto-suggestion and can provide special support at the right time, give confidence and courage to a person. The umbrella tattoo can serve as an additional shield that protects the inner world of a person, his thoughts and feelings.

The tattoo looks good on the bodies of men and women. People choose this image as a symbol of protection from different life and love problems.

Men who decided to make an umbrella tattoo on their body should know that this picture can mean:

  • a desire to have support;
  • a desire to be needed and loved;
  • protection and confidence.

When women or girls have an umbrella tattoo it says that an owner is insecure and feels uncomfortable in life situations and in relationships. That is why the tattoo helps a woman to get the necessary support and faith in herself.

photo tattoo umbrella 06.12.2018 №144 - example of tattoo design umbrella -

This tattoo looks great on any part of a body. You can see it on the back, shoulders, hands and legs. The image of an umbrella looks beautiful slightly below ankle. Sometimes you can find an umbrella tattoo matched with an inscription and additional images of people, animals or characters.

The most interesting techniques and styles of these tattoos are new school style, graphic art and watercolor painting. Each style is really interesting in its own way and the umbrella tattoo will draw the attention of the people in any style.

In addition, it should be mentioned that if there is an umbrella tattoo on a man’s body a person should think about physical training. In this case, a man will probably need a hobby such as bodybuilding. And he needs special food and food additives to achieve success.

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