The Meaning of the tattoo Guitar

In the material you can find out the meaning of the tattoo “Guitar”, get the opportunity to view photos of interesting finished tattoos, and learn the history and interpretation of popular drawings in modern tattoo. Those who have made their choice and thought about creating the original picture are invited to look for an idea in our gallery:

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The Meaning of the tattoo Guitar - information and photos examples of finished tattoo designs

The Meaning of the tattoo Guitar – information and photos examples of finished tattoo designs

Interesting facts about the meaning of the guitar tattoo.

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More and more people choose musical instruments for a tattoo, and, of course, guitar is especially popular. Most often it is put on the forearm, arms, and chest. It is worth noting that such a tattoo is not recommended for legs. This can be interpreted as disrespect for the tool. Many people associate the guitar with romance, creativity, constant travel and movement. Such tattoo is great for musicians. It is a symbol of creative and freedom.

This tattoo has a criminal meaning, too, so you should know about it in order not to get into an unpleasant situation. For prison inhabitants, such tattoo means weakness, certain femininity, because its form resembles a female body. Tattoo can be colored, black and white, pictured both as a whole and in parts. For example, a tattoo is often made on the woman’s back, so female curves repeat a shape of a guitar, and the tattoo depicts only a hole and strings.

Here are the basic meanings of the guitar tattoo:

  • Many rock musicians make this tattoo to attract the muse.
  • All guitarists know how much work and perseverance it takes to master this instrument.
  • Who does not associate guitar with bonfire and romantic evening?
  • It is often a way for rebellious, non-conforming people to express themselves. These values can be emphasized with the entourage, for example wings that mean the wind of freedom.
  • Hot temper. Explosive, violent natures usually add fire to the picture of the guitar which symbolizes unstoppable energy. If the guitar is on fire it can mean aggression and even cruelty.
  • To a greater extent, this applies to the guitar tattoo on the female body. The owner of such pattern calls for an easy attitude towards themselves, calls to play.
  • Such tattoo is a choice of people in complete agreement with themselves.
  • Symbol of happiness. This tattoo serves as a talisman attracting good luck in all aspects of life.
  • Generous nature. A person with a guitar pattern will most likely take off their last shirt for their neighbor without regrets.

Photo examples of drawing tattoos guitar:

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Popular patterns:

  • girl with a guitar
  • bass guitar
  • with a skull
  • with a rose
  • with a man
  • with wings
  • with notes
  • old school
  • on fire

Places of drawing:

  • the arm
  • the wrist
  • the shoulder
  • the leg
  • the forearm
  • the sleeve
  • the neck

It is very important to pay attention to the overall picture. If the guitar is surrounded by notes, it speaks of a passion for music. Such drawings are made by rock musicians, country music lovers and professional guitarists. Stars on the guitar symbolize success and good luck. Sometimes the guitar is chosen by fans of female beauty, because its forms embody female ideals. By the way, lesbians make guitar tattoos quite often. For women, the ideal place to put the guitar tattoo is the back. The most common colors are yellow and brown. The tattooed guitar in the region of the heart is very popular among the lovers. In order to emphasize their sensitivity, there can also be applied only the strings instead of the whole guitar. Fans of rock music often put an image of a particular instrument of a particular musician on their body.

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