The Meaning of the Star Tattoo

Nowadays the of the star has really deep and ambiguous sense unless related to the certain group of people. It goes without saying, the star tattoo has its own history and various comprehension of it in different cultures, but at present such is more likely a part of a complex tattoo image or an accent, which can be of different meaning depending on the sense which a tattoo owner gives to it.

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The Meaning of the Star Tattoo - features tattoo designs and photo examples of finished works

The Meaning of the Star Tattoo – features tattoo designs and photo examples of finished works

The Meaning of the Star Tattoo – The most interesting

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Stars as a tattoo usually speaks for its owner's desire of being glorious and famous, his or her focus on success and great achievements. Such images for a tattoo are quite often chosen by:

  • musicians and singers – people whose activity is closely connected with show business prefer the star tattoos;
  • women of any age often apply the tattoos of stars;
  • The category of men relating to so called “metrosexuals” tend to use such an image to decorate their body and give a special meaning to it;
  • Complex images of the “old school” style, which is really popular nowadays, often contain some inserts of the star image.

The meaning of the star tattoo in the criminal

The star image is commonly used in the tattoos of criminals ( tattoos). In such tattoos a star has a clearer meaning, just like each prison tattoo, which is always a distinctive feature, positioning a on a definite in the criminal world.


Photo examples of tattoo designs with a star (677 ):

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The most popular prison tattoo of a star is the stars of negation, applying on the front part of shoulder near collarbone, which speaks for that the owner shows his disinclination for officers of the law and policemen. Such tattoo demonstrates an obligation to the criminal community never to collaborate with cops.

If the tattoo of stars is applied on , it means that its owner will never kneel before policemen or staff members of the prison.

The body parts appropriate for applying the star tattoo (non-prison variants)

Women's choice:

  • the tattoo of stars on wrist;
  • the tattoo of a star trail on neck or the bottom of leg;
  • the tattoo of a star on back, between scapulas or the back part of neck.

Men's choice:

  • the tattoo of a star on waist;
  • the tattoo of stars on shoulders;
  • the tattoo of a star on the visible part of neck;
  • the tattoo of a star on the visible part of hand (fist).

In general, the star tattoo and its meaning, as the one of any other tattoo image, has almost been lost in times. Each tattoo has only the meaning given to it by its owner. That is why nowadays the comprehension of this or that tattoo meaning is eventually losing its significance, as one and the same tattoo may have various meaning for different people.

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