The meaning of the tattoo Globe

Here you can learn the value of the tattoo “”, look at examples of popular drawings, learn their history, , and various . For those who will choose the image of the globe as a tattoo after getting acquainted with the material, we suggest finding the basis in our catalog:

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The meaning of the tattoo Globe - information about the picture and its features - photo examples

The meaning of the tattoo Globe – information about the picture and its features – photo examples

Interesting facts about the meaning of the globe tattoo

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More and more new symbols appear in the tattoo art every day. The world changes and the paintings follow. And for those who keep pace with the times, there is plenty to choose from. For example, the globe is increasingly common in catalogs of tattoo salons. What does this picture on the body tell about its owner?

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For starters, it is worth noting that this tattoo is suitable for both men and women. It is put mainly on the wrist and forearm, or on the chest as an option. This type of tattoo shows, first of all, a great love for roads, travel, change of atmosphere, as well as a constant craving for adventures. Such tattoo is a choice of professional travelers who managed to cross the equator line or go around the globe. Another meaning is harmony and integrity of the whole world. The planet is inseparable and infinite. In order to comprehend it, one must have innate curiosity for the unknown. Anyone who wants to understand the meaning of such a tattoo should pay attention to its form and technique.

Tattoo showing specific geographical names. This tattoo indicates the importance of this place for the owner. Perhaps this is a country or city of their birth, or maybe they want to go here, or some romantic memories are associated with this place.

The brightly colored globe is a sign of a light and cheerful ; it is comfortable and easy to travel with such .

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The image of the globe and a vehicle (for example, a bicycle). This picture indicates a particular vehicle on which the tattoo owner wants to conquer the world.

The countries marked by the names of children, relatives or loved ones. These symbols mean that the people whose names are mapped are very dear and can replace the whole universe; they are the world, the planet for this person.

Photo examples of with a globe pattern:

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The black and white version of the tattoo indicates the accuracy and thoroughness of its owner. Such people would prefer comfort even when traveling; they sleep better in a hotel, and not in a tent.

Popular variants:

  • bat in the globe
  • the plane
  • girl on the globe
  • globe as the world map
  • and the wind rose

photo tattoo globe 25.01.2019 №064 - drawing tattoo globe -

Places of drawing:

  • on the hand
  • on the wrist
  • on the buttock
  • on the head
  • on the leg

In addition to these drawings, the globe goes well with flowers, a compass, and migratory birds. Globe can be used as an army tattoo. In this case, it is combined with a dolphin jumping out of the water and an anchor. Everyone knows that such tattoo is a symbol of the Marine Corps. It should be noted that in the criminal world the globe tattoo does not have a hidden meaning. In general, this image is typical for people who want to embrace the immensity. These are cosmopolitans who have neither boundaries nor limits to existence.

photo tattoo globe 25.01.2019 №023 - drawing tattoo globe -

In some religions, the sign of the universe means immortality. In the broadest sense of the word, everyone who puts such symbol on their body have their own meaning in mind. In order to emphasize this, changes can be made to a classic globe: they can swap countries or change their borders. Sometimes , symbols or other drawings replace some countries or continents. In such cases, the globe acquires a special meaning known to only one person.

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