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The meaning of a witch tattoo - information about the meaning and features of the picture - photo examples of finished tattoos

– information about the meaning and features of the picture – photo examples of finished tattoos

Sense, history and meaning of a witch tattoo

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The notion “a witch” appeared quite a long time ago in the patriarchal society, built on the male dominance, which imposed stereotypical mindsets about women independence upon its members. Bright and beautiful exterior – red-haired women were mostly supposed to be witches – really bothered the ignorant population of Medieval Europe which led to the harassment of representatives of the female . Dozens of wise female healers and women who refused to submit to patriarchal canon laws were burned at the stake.

In the modern world the meaning of the tattoo of a witch practicing magic is double:

  1. It represents a symbol of human dark side using evil mystical power. The more beautiful a witch is, the darker and frightening magic she practices.
  2. In a positive context tattooing of the symbol of a witch may mean its owner's possession of superior knowledge and wisdom.

Lots of modern images of a witch have an obvious erotic subtext and more likely express its owner's frivolity. A good example of it is the images of witches riding broomsticks, even though this attribute has always symbolized home coziness and menage. A broomstick may as well personify the tattoo owner's desire of life changes and getting rid of miseries.

Photo examples of a tattoo with a witch:

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Not less popular the picturing of witches as the ugly old women with warts, long hooked noses and wearing big conical hats. Despite millennial history the witch's headdress is quite a contentious symbol. The owner of such a tattoo more likely wants to take charge of her life, but she is not determined and self- confident enough. She is supposed to be modest, reticent and inclined to feel sorry about lost opportunities.

The tattoo of a witch burning at the stake is more popular among men as a sign of hidden malice and a desire of getting revenge on the woman betrayed the tattoo owner's feelings. In the world of criminal such a tattoo is applied on a hip and the amount of wood in the stake is equal to the term of imprisonment.

There are some more elements with different meanings commonly added to a witch tattoo:

A spider web expresses the desire of getting new knowledge and some important information;

A and a skull are dangerous elements which a witch is ready to use for her goals achievement;

A candle reflects the tattoo owner's inner world, his desire to get new knowledge and to improve the available one;

An owl symbolizes wisdom and the witch's deep tie to the nature;

A snake means hidden danger which is always really close;

A cauldron symbolizes inner spurs of the tattoo owner's soul. An empty one expresses the absence of the important things of the past in present life. An overturned one means the tattoo owner's loss of control over his life. A cauldron on the fire symbolizes changes for the better;

A bat reflects the spiritual and shows other people's intentions.

So as you can see there are thousands meanings of a witch tattoos, depending on various attributes pictured alongside. The only unchangeable meaning of the witch image is the one of its symbolizing wisdom and comprehension of the tattoo owner's inner world.

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