The Meaning of the Tattoo “The Raven on the Skull”

In this article we will talk about the of the tattoo “the raven on the skull”, the history, interpretation and value of the pattern in the tattoo. For those who are looking for the unique tattoo idea, we suggest reviewing the following sections of the catalog as an addition:

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The Meaning of the Tattoo The Raven on the Skull - information about the picture and photo examples of finished tattoos

The Meaning of the Tattoo The Raven on the Skull – information about the picture and photo examples of finished tattoos

Interesting facts about the meaning of the tattoo “the raven on the skull”

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The meaning of the raven in different cultures

Raven is a significant symbol in many cultures. In Indian tribes, for example, the raven symbolized longevity. In Scandinavian mythology, these birds accompanied the god Odin when he went to war and symbolized a sharp mind and determination. In ancient Roman culture, the raven was associated with dawn, hope, and future. In Egyptian culture, the raven personified aggression and malice. For the Slavic peoples, the raven symbolized misfortune and death.

Raven and symbols in culture and tattoo

The image of the raven on the skull – a picture the meaning of which is borrowed from European medieval history – is quite common. In the middle of the 14th century, the Eurasian continent suffered by a wave of deaths related to the plague epidemic, known as the “black death”.

photo tattoo raven on the skull 18.02.2019 №165 - tattoo with skull and raven -

There are many descriptions of those events in literature and painting, and there is often a description of a raven sitting on a corpse or a human skull. Since ravens are scavengers by nature, in the dark times of the plague they often fed on dead people in the streets. As the raven often has to dig into the ground to find food, it is called the mediator between earth and sky, the world of people and the afterlife world.

The skull, as a part of the tattoo, can symbolize the sacrifice, death, shortness of life, or rage. The Indian tribes, however, used the symbol of the as a defense against death. Two of these significant Gothic symbols perfectly complement each other and form a complete tattoo.

Photo examples of drawing a tattoo with a raven on the skull:


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The raven on the skull, meaning

This tattoo is gloomy and gothic in nature and can have several meanings:

  • The owner of the tattoo is deadly.
  • The tattoo indicates the loss of a loved one, possibly as a result of the fighting.
  • There are options in which a person with a raven tattoo wants to say that they are not afraid of death, or suggests that they often think about it.
  • The desire to give themselves a threatening, gloomy look.
  • The picture may also mark the end of the battle, and the on which the raven sits may be the skull of a defeated enemy.
  • The raven on the is a symbol of the plague.

All possible variants of the meaning are anyway connected to death or disaster. When making such tattoo, dark colors are used most often to reflect the grief. The raven tattoo on the back was one of the symbols of the Expendables movie trilogy. In this context, it refers to the lost brothers in arms and the memory of them.

photo tattoo raven on the skull 18.02.2019 №156 - tattoo with skull and raven -

Who is this tattoo for?

This tattoo is usually chosen by men, because it creates a dark and intense image. Such tattoo rarely suits women. The raven on the tattoo matches perfectly with an image of representatives of gothic subcultures; it will also suit people with dark hair and pale skin. Such image is also appropriate for adherents of the Scandinavian culture and mythology.

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