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The dragon tattoos appeared as a result of the eastern, particularly Japanese influence on the western culture. The dragon means power over the four cardinal points and the four elements: wind (), water, fire and earth. Additionally:

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Dragon tattoo meaning - information about the features of the picture and photo examples of finished tattoos

Dragon tattoo meaning – information about the features of the picture and photo examples of finished tattoos

Dragon Tattoo: Origin and Meaning

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Since the dragon is a fictional mythical animal that does not exist in , it is often interpreted in many unusual ways. Generally this tattoo symbolizes strength, nobility, power, wisdom, loyalty, perseverance and the ability to go beyond the limits. Dragon tattoos are chosen by both men and women.

Dragon Tattoo History

We can find the dragon image in different cultures and in every culture it is interpreted differently. In China, emperors and their wives had a dragon image tattooed along their spines as a symbol of strength and power. In Buddhism the dragon advocated Buddha and his laws. In ancient Greece and ancient a dragon symbolizing terror was depicted on the armor of warriors. In Celtic culture this mythical animal represented the human life cycle and was a symbol of power. In Western culture, in most cases, the dragon was associated with evil to be defeated. In the Eastern culture the dragon symbolized the natural elements or cardinal points.

What does the dragon tattoo mean?

There are two types of dragon tattoos:

An oriental dragon, whose body resembles that of a snake, it has no wings, but has legs.


Photo examples of finished drawings of a tattoo with a dragon from 01.23.2020 (475 )

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The western dragon has a long neck and large wings; its body is covered with scales.

When choosing a dragon tattoo sketch, consider the location and of the dragon. It is important for the choice of the composition and size of the tattoo. The dragon looks best on the back, where you can convey the power, strength, grandeur and grace of this mythical animal, while with a small drawing it would be difficult to express all these qualities.

  • A dragon depicted with spread wings and bare teeth means power, hostility, aggression.
  • A dragon heading up means good intentions, positivity.
  • A dragon flying down indicates that its owner has bad intentions.
  • A peacefully lying dragon means calm and peace of mind.

Girls often choose images of these magical creatures in original, fantasy designs.

Color plays an important role in the interpretation of the dragon tattoos.

The red dragon has two meanings:

1) passion, love;

2) hostility, anger.

But it is noteworthy that he uses this anger to protect the family, in this case he is considered a defender. Often the red color is chosen by parents who guard and protect their children.

The black dragon symbolizes respect for parents.

The golden dragon is associated with kindness, gentleness and wisdom.

The blue dragon means immortality, tranquility, openness, peace.

The yellow dragon symbolizes attack, conquest and victory.

A dragon tattoo shows what a person thinks about himself or what he wants to be. A dragon tattoo is a body decoration as well as a powerful .

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