Meaning of the deathly hallows tattoo

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MEANING OF THE DEATHLY HALLOWS TATTOO - information about the features of the tattoo picture and photo examples of finished tattoo drawings

MEANING OF THE DEATHLY HALLOWS TATTOO – information about the features of the tattoo picture and photo examples of finished tattoo drawings

Signification, history and meaning of the Deathly Hallows tattoo

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The story about the Deathly Hallows became famous thanks to books and films about Harry Potter. Despite the fact that the books were aimed at children, they also received their response from adults. Harry Potter fans not only unite in fan clubs, dress in the clothes of their favorite heroes, play Quidditch tournaments, but also makes tattoos with characters and symbols, taken from Joanne Rowling’s books. Deathly Hallows are one of such symbol.

History of the Deathly Hallows

According to the legend described in the last book about the adventures of “The Trio theme”, there were three magic artifacts and the one who possesses them together would become the Master of Death.

The legend tells about three wandering brothers who once used their magical abilities to cross a deep river through which an ordinary person could not get over. In the middle of the bridge, Death blocked them. But the cunning Death pretended to admire the magic abilities of the three brothers and offered them a reward for being able to evade him.


Photo examples of tattoo drawings with the symbol of the Deathly Hallows from Harry Potter from 01/19/2020 (571 photos)

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  • to oldest brother, he gave Elder Wand to deal with his offender. But after defeating his enemy, he began to boast of his wand and was killed by the robber who stole wand from him.
  • to the second brother a Resurrection Stone was given. But when he saw that his beloved girl returned to him just a ghost, he hanged himself.
  • the youngest, wisest of the brothers received the Cloak of Invisibility to hide from Death.

Harry Potter managed to collect all three Deathly Hallows, but he did not possess them at the same time.

Meaning of the Deathly Hallows tattoo

The Deathly Hallows tattoo has become the most common not only among of Harry Potter fans. Taken from the last seventh book, it looks like an equilateral triangle with a circle inscribed in it and a vertical straight line running from the middle of the base to its top. This symbol contains all the Deathly Hallows.

  • the triangle is a piece of matter from the Cloak of Invisibility that Death gave to the youngest brother from the tale of Beedle the Bard.
  • straight vertical line is the Elder Wand of the oldest brother.
  • the circle represents the Resurrection Stone of the second brother.

Types of tattoos

In the traditional old school style, the body-worn patterns look great on any part of the body.

  • the meaning of the Deathly Hallows tattoo in the frame of the Phoenix bird speaking of immortality and continuous rebirth.
  • adding Owls to the drawing shows everyone that magic always has a place in your life. This bird has long been considered a manifestation of wisdom, but also it is a symbol of the ability to not be afraid of the dark. And the combination of these signs in one tattoo shows victory over the forces of evil and darkness.

The Deathly Hallows symbol is suitable for purposeful people who are not afraid of difficulties and who seek their own path, who are not afraid of death, but who accept it as part of life.

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