Voodoo Doll Tattoo Meaning

The aim of this article is to help you understand the meaning of the voodoo doll tattoo. It will also provide some interesting facts from the history of the image, describe its meaning and interpretation and give you some tattoo ideas. More pictures here:

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VOODOO DOLL TATTOO MEANING - information about the features of the tattoo and photo examples of finished works

VOODOO DOLL TATTOO MEANING – information about the features of the tattoo and photo examples of finished works

Interesting Facts About the Voodoo Doll Tattoo

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Many people nowadays are aware of the voodoo doll phenomenon. Today, a real cult is arising around this character and we can easily explain why. The thing is that voodoo dolls are incredibly popularized in mass culture. In fact, a huge number of films, TV series and even books have been created with voodoo dolls. Being very popular characters, no wonder that many people would even want to get tattoos with voodoo dolls. But few people know the true meaning of these tattoos.

A bit of history

Voodoo dolls are widely spread in Haiti, Cuba and even in the United States. They were brought to these countries by slaves from West Africa. At first the locals could not understand all these African religious beliefs, but with the time it changed. Later ancient African beliefs mixed with the religious assumptions of Catholicism and, as a result, an utterly unique culture, unlike any other, has been created.

Typically a voodoo doll is a magical accessory. Many people think that they are used only to create zombies and to cast evil spells on people. Of course, there is a grain of truth in these assumptions and voodoo priests appear as very evil sorcerers to ordinary people. In some parts of Africa, voodoo is still considered part of the state religion. Although sometimes these dolls are used to establish a relationship with a person, still most commonly they are made to inflict harm.


Photo examples of tattoo designs with a voodoo doll (224 photos):

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Basic Meanings

A voodoo doll, though most commonly viewed in the negative sense, has several meanings as a tattoo. A voodoo doll image on the body can be interpreted both from the victim’s and the sorcerer’s perspective.

  • In African culture it is believed that the curse of a voodoo doll cannot be undone, so when people place such images on their body we can assume they have put up with their fate. Often these people think that what happens to them is destined above and thus cannot be avoided.
  • Another meaning is directly related to love. Often a voodoo doll is depicted with needles in the heart area. Such tattoo has a meaning of unhappy love that has happened to its owner and that he/she still struggles to forget.
  • The same tattoo from the sorcerer’s perspective means that this person is a master of manipulation and doesn’t hide it at all.

Tattoo Features

The best spot to get this tattoo is on the shoulder, girls can also place it on the calf or thigh.

Voodoo doll tattoos are designed in a variety of styles. They can be coloured or black and white. And they look good both on men and women.

Often the doll is depicted sewn of fabric. But nowadays human-style dolls’ designs are very common. The main distinctive features of voodoo dolls in tattoos are buttons instead of eyes, a huge number of scars or arrows stuck into the doll’s body, often some of its body parts are missing.

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