Meaning of a tattoo “the eye in the triangle”

In the material we will find out the meaning of the tattoo “the eye in the ” (All Seeing Eye); talk about the and its history. Let us examine what a modern tattoo “the eye in the triangle” means, and for those who are already familiar with the topic, we suggest to look over:

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MEANING OF A TATTOO THE EYE IN THE TRIANGLE - information about the features of the picture and a collection of photo examples of finished tattoos

MEANING OF A TATTOO THE EYE IN THE TRIANGLE – information about the features of the picture and a collection of photo of finished tattoos

What are the history, meaning and value of the tattoo “the eye in the triangle”?

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The eye depicted in a triangle, or, as it is called correctly, the All Seeing Eye is a tattoo that has probably the most mystical and symbolic meaning in our . The value of this tattoo has several interpretations. For example, Plato dubbed All Seeing Eye “solar instrument”. So, one of the meanings of this symbol is intelligence, vigilance, and enlightenment. It can be also interpreted as the limitations of the visible.

The eye in the triangle is directly connected with various religious cultures, as it is believed that millions of heavenly are watching us from the sky. In the temples you can often find holes that are directed to the sky. These are the eyes. In addition, there is the eye of the heart, which symbolizes intuition and spiritual enlightenment. If the eye is formed from oval female and round male symbols, it represents androgynous attraction. If the tattoo of the eye is depicted in a triangle, this means the Eye of God and Omnipresence.


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What does the tattoo of the eye in the triangle mean?

In old times, tattoos were quite rare phenomena. Because of this, their interpretations are not definitive and clear. For example, in the west, the right eye is interpreted as Day, Sun and Future, while the left eye is Night, Moon and Past. In American Native Indians, it has the name the Eye of the Heart, and the symbol stands for the All Seeing Eye of the Great Spirit.

In such as Buddhism, the All Seeing Eye carries a meaning of wisdom and light. In the Celtic religion, the symbol is considered negative and dark as it represents jealousy and heartlessness. The Christian religion has always attached the meaning of Light, Power, and All Seeing God to this symbol. The ancient Egyptians gave the All Seeing Eye quite elaborate meaning and called it Atshet, which meant the All Seeing and All Knowing Eye of Horus. The depicted Polar Star was a symbol of enlightenment, while the eyebrow and the Eye of Horus were a symbol of tremendous strength and power. Also, the tattoo depicting the All Seeing Eye had its importance in the Ancient Greeks, who assumed that it was the symbol of Apollo and the Eyes of Jupiter.

In general, the image of the eye in the triangle symbolizes the Eye of God that watches everything and sees everything. This meaning is given to this symbol in almost all countries of the globe.

Nowadays, the All Seeing Eye tattoo is perfect for everyone, both women and men. But it is chosen by men more often. This tattoo attracts people because of its mystery and unearthliness, as well as its deep and wide content. It will look great on your shoulder or back. But if you intend to apply this tattoo on a small scale, then it will be a good solution for any part of the body.

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