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Something interesting about the meaning of the tattoo stoker, its significance, interpretation and history of the picture.

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The generally accepted fact is that those who was convicted in camps live according to their own laws of the criminal hierarchy, while dividing into certain castes. So that the differences between them become more clear, to make it even visually possible to distinguish the representative of one “estate” from another, it is common to decorate the body with tattoos.
The tattoo in this case acts as a kind of identity card, indelible stain that means that the convicts belongs to a specific rank of prison society (thief, flunky, cock, etc.).

Among the tattoos that are labeled by homosexuals (passive) the most popular one is the devil on his knees, undressing a woman, a violin with a tie and, of course, a stoker (or oven’s stoker). Its direct purpose is the buttocks of those who convicted of manhood. Since nowadays, it is no longer an offense there are no “real stokers” today. Accordingly, this tattoo moved to the bodies of those convicts whose actions are in fact similar to this evil.

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Prisoners’ distinctive mark

With such a unique distinctive mark the ones who hurt or nulled are awarded, this way you call those who are camp rogue, who live in special sections apart from the rest of the convicted people. Among them there are individuals who have been raped in colonies or pretrial detention centers. Violence is committed in these institutions for three reasons: by the article (convicted of rape), because of puncture (convicts who committed serious misconduct, former internal employees and informers) and unbounded (by the precept of the colony administration). The tattoo of stoker on the buttock in a form of a devil, who throws coal into the furnace with the help of a shovel, is waiting for all of them. Nulls with such tattoo on their body are, in other words, called cocks, that is considered to be a very terrible insult for a “normal” convict.
If a prisoner changes his permanent location (is transferred to another colony), and he tries to hide the fact of having such a tattoo in a new prison, or he concealed that he is offended — he can be beaten to death.

In most cases, the image of the devil stoker is tattooed if the “straight” is nulled forcibly (homosexuals, who have taken this path of their own free will, have different tattoos). However, it is difficult to call this outstanding image a tattoo, rather it is a fuzzy, hastily made sloppy drawing on a body.

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Almost all tattoos, which “wafflers” and “cocks” were labeled, outside prison do not have much significance. More precisely, for an ordinary person they are innocuous at all, as the true meaning of such drawings is concluded in their sacral meaning, which is known and understood only by “ex-prisoners”. It is this fact that keeps the danger for people who want to make a tattoo without knowing anything about it.

In the vast majority of cases, after being released, the owner of such a tattoo tries to remove it or transform the tattoo so it will not be recognizable, which is understandable for objective reasons.

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