The Meaning of the oak leaves tattoo

Here you will know about the of the tattoo , introduce with examples of popular art in a modern tattoo and learn their sense and . For people who was going to apply such drawing on a body this picture we suggest getting acquainted with versions in our catalog:

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The Meaning of the oak leaves tattoo - information about the features of the picture and a collection of photo examples of finished tattoos

– information about the features of the picture and a collection of photo examples of finished tattoos

The Meaning of the oak leaves tattoo – examples of ready tattoos on a photo – drawings

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Interesting information about meaning of a tattoo oak leaves

Among all variety of a tattoo not the last place is taken also by images of leaves of different trees. Values of such tattoo it is directly connected with a , the leaves of which were chosen by the person.

The image of a tree an oak since ancient times is considered a certain symbol.

It is means power, force, endurance, courage, a person’s ability to independently restore the forces.The oak branches even hung at the entrance to their home as a talisman to protect it from evil spirits.

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In difference cultures the  images of oak or its parts had their sense. For example, in ancient Rome power and force were more. At Celts the oak or its branches and leaves meaning immortality and fertility. Nowadays the oak is revered as a symbol of male power and fertility. At Christians the oak even is an emblem of Christ.


Photo examples of tattoo designs with oak leaves (141 photos):

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Meaning of a tattoo oak leaves

The tattoo an oak or several leaves designates longevity, self-confidence and the forces, reliability, stability, fidelity. Choosing it as a tattoo for itself, the person can emphasize the position which he holds in society. The wreath from oak leaves is the symbol designating of the person, his power and advantage.

Men who know the value of tattoo oak leaves often choose it as a body image. Sometimes you can meet women with this tattoo on the body. They choose her as a talisman bringing good luck to their mistress.

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Plays an important role when choosing this tattoo and that fact for what purposes it is applied on a body. The drawing of a leaf can either indicate different qualities of a person or have a specific meaning. Everything depends on the color, texture of the picture, its location, a combination with other tattoos.

Color of a leaf meaning:

  • This color mean a sadness.
  • green and light green. These colors mean the beginning of blossoming of human life.
  • This color is the symbol of passion or can transmit all the power of a person’s emotions

Along with this imagine of oak leaves can be ordinary in black-white colors. In this case the  main thing here will be the imagine of the oak leaf but not the background color of the  tattoo.

Also oak leaf on a body can be represented as in singular and the whole bouquet or even in the form of a tree branch.

For more strong emotions the leaf can be as it isn’t mobile, represented in flight and just to fall, for example, from a tree. The drawings surrounding it, their combinations also underline the importance of a tattoo oak leaves.

Photo oak leaves tattoo 25.05.2019 №116 - oak leaves tattoo idea -

Each person chooses value, the image and the location of a tattoo for himself, based on what emotions and feelings he wants to emphasize, or whether the meaning of the tattoo that he wants to transfer to the people.

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