The Meaning of the Pearl Tattoo

This page will help you to find out the meaning of the pearl tattoo, get acquainted with the examples of the images popular nowadays, their sense, interpretation and history. More examples are collected here:

  • The pictures of the pearl tattoo;
  • The sketches of the pearl tattoo.
The Meaning of the Pearl Tattoo - information about the features of the picture and photo examples of finished tattoo works

The Meaning of the Pearl Tattoo – information about the features of the picture and photo examples of finished tattoo works

The information about the sense, interpretation and some facts about the meaning of the pearl tattoo

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Pearl has a special place among the majority of gemstones. This mineral is of animal origin: a grain of sand gets into the shell and starts to cover with pearlescent, turning into a precious pea. A transformation from sand to a gemstone normally lasts for 12 years.

Gemstones have always been valued costly. Hundreds of years ago only the richest people could allow themselves to own a pearl. Indian Rudges were keeping great amount of pearls in their treasure troves, taking it out to decorate palaces, clothes, headdresses and jewels. Pearl was Queen Cleopatra’s favorite gemstone. Semiramida had a necklace of pink pearls and the French Queen Maria the Medici wore the dress embroidered with thousands of pearls.

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The legends of the origin of pearl

There are lots of legends about the origin of pearl. One of them tells about the King of serpents who was fighting the terrible monster, but couldn’t defeat him. The King’s blood turned into rubies and garnets, and the Sea, mourning him, was spluttering tears, which then turned into pearls.

Another legend pictures a cruel fighting between winged dragons, which hits were producing lightings and their sounds were turning into thunderclaps. After a while the rain poured, but instead of drops small pearls were falling on the ground.

In the Slavonic mythology there is a storytelling about a water drop, which is flowing down the water lily petal, getting into the shell and turning into a pearl. If the water drop was falling in the sunrise, it gets a coral pink shade; if flowing down in the sunset, it turns into a golden pearlescent; the one which gets into the shell in the afternoon takes on a fascinating silver color.

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The symbolism of pearl as a gemstone

As the gentlest gemstone, pearl is the impersonation of femininity, purity and virginity. It symbolizes fertility, renovation and beauty. In ancient times pearl was the impersonation of wealth either.

Pearl has been mined since time immemorial. To take a pearl from the bottom of the sea one had to either have special skills or be brave enough, that is why pearl can be considered a symbol of bravery, courage and power.

The symbolism of the gemstone was projected on its image, tattoo in particular.

Photo examples of drawing a tattoo with a pearl (98 photos):

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The meaning of the pearl tattoo

From the moment of the pearl tattoo emergence its symbolism has also evolved. So what does it mean?

  1. The pearl tattoo is a symbol of inner beauty. It is commonly got by people who want to emphasis that genuine beauty is sometimes hard to see from the first look; just like a pearl itself is hidden inside its shelter.
  2. If a pearl is pictured in a slightly opened shell an only its small part can be seen, it should be considered as a symbol of mystery. Slightly opened shells symbolizes the world’s secrets as we in the same way carefully open up secrecy of an unknown world and learn its essence.
  3. If the tattoo is applied on hand or ankle as a bracelet, it embodies wealth and luxury. It is explicable through the fact that in ancient times pears was worn by crowned persons only.

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Among other meanings of the pearl tattoo there is light, femininity, revival, wisdom, fertility, purity, spirituality, family wealth.

Body parts appropriate for the pearl tattoo

There are two ways of applying a tattoo:

  • on a part visible for other people;
  • on the one which can be seen only by you.

The suitable body parts for an image of pearl are: lower-left and right abdomen, neck-bone, collarbone, inner part of wrist, ankle, chest, hip, forearm and shoulders.

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The variants of the pearl tattoo

There are lots of variants of applying the pearl tattoo, the most popular of which is an open shell with a pearl inside. Not less demanded ones are:

  • the tattoo of a sea diva holding a pearl in her hand;
  • a dragon with a fascinating pearl in its paw;
  • pearls stringed on a thread around wrist, ankle or neck.

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Tattoo masters can also add flowers, birds of paradise, and starfish to the image. As pearl embodies femininity first of all, the image of it is commonly chosen by representatives of gentle sex.

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