The article will describe the meaning of the Gemini tattoo (zodiac sign), tell about the popular versions of sketches, provide interesting information about their history, meaning and origin. More information and examples here:

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MEANING OF THE GEMINI TATTOO (ZODIAC SIGN) - information about the features of the picture and a collection of photo examples of finished tattoo works

MEANING OF THE GEMINI TATTOO (ZODIAC SIGN) – information about the features of the picture and a collection of photo examples of finished tattoo works

Interesting facts about the sketch, its features and the value of the Gemini tattoo (zodiac sign)

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Due to the horoscope, Gemini have a lot of talents and advantages. They can succeed in any kind of art, become professionals in the most difficult areas. Sometimes the belonging to this magnificent zodiac constellation is expressed in the form of a tattoo on the body.

Rich imagination and unpredictability

Photo twin zodiac sign tattoo 30.06.2019 №124 - tattoo twins -

It is thought, that exactly this zodiac sign gave the world a huge amount of the genius in art, literature and science. The Gemini sign tattoo on the human body represents the next qualities:

  • Strong mind and versatile interests
  • Ability to adapt to any life circumstances
  • Kindness and friendliness
  • Rich imagination and purposefulness

Usually Gemini is characterized by astrologers as an unpredictable and self-confident mysterious person, who doesn’t look for the easiest way and chooses his own path, unexpected for others. These qualities represent the meaning of the Gemini tattoo.

Diouscuri constellation: the military valor

The word “Gemini” from Latin means “twins”. That is why sometimes the Gemini tattoo is pictured as a beautiful Diouscuri constellation.


Photo examples of a tattoo with the zodiac sign of twins (152 example photos):

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There are two characters from the Greek mythology – inseparable twins Pollux and Castor, who are the patrons of seafarers and warriors. Poseidon himself awarded them with the strength and ability to save victims of shipwrecks. The brothers were Argonauts and were famous by their feats. Moreover, Pollux was the champion of fist fighting of the Olympus. Thus, the Gemini tattoo with the image of the Diouscuri constellation can be interpreted as an expression of military valor and invincibility.

Gemini tattoo: the meaning depends on the location

Photo twin zodiac sign tattoo 30.06.2019 №117 - tattoo twins -

Gemini is an extraordinary, mystery sign. Therefore, this kind of tattoo is usually hidden from prying eyes. It is believed that the Gemini tattoo, placed on the upper surface of the right forearm, gives its owner the additional power to fight obstacles and achieve his goals. There also is a version, that such a tattoo even helps to improve memory and increases the ability to concentrate.

Gemini tattoo on the right wrist promotes its owner to success, develops his intuition. If the sign is depicted on the left wrist, then it acquires the role of an amulet that protects a person from trouble. The same value has a Gemini tattoo, depicted on the upper back of the neck, which girls usually prefer to cover up with hair.

Mysterious and beautiful

Gemini tattoo is very beautiful and mysterious, it can be depicted in various interpretations, but this will not make it less significant. Sometimes Gemini tattoo is applied on the body as the embodiment of the astrological symbol of the beloved one or the child. This sign also looks great in pair with other zodiac tattoo images.

In any case, for those who are interested in zodiac astrology, the Gemini tattoo will increase the production of inner life energy and will give the confidence in themselves.

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