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CASSETTE TATTOO MEANING - information about the features of the picture and photo examples of finished tattoos

CASSETTE TATTOO MEANING – information about the features of the picture and photo examples of finished tattoos

Interpretation, interesting facts and the meaning of a cassette tattoo

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Tape cassette tattoo is ideal for people with unconventional and creative thinking. The cassette on the body looks really original and pretty much vintage, because the cassette era is long gone.

It is very important for lovers of the tattoo art that a tattoo makes sense, symbolizes something.

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A cassette tattoo has many meanings, but the main one is a person’s love for music. Most often, a person who has such a tattoo is of direct relevance to the music industry, most likely he is a musician himself.

A person can choose a cassette tattoo, if music is his lifestyle and not just a way to make money. Perhaps he has good taste in music or a good ear and voice.

A cassette is a symbol of music, a symbol of the unity of the people who live in this rhythm. Music has no gender and age, time has no hold on it. Music can convey feelings and energy that you want to share with the whole world.

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Tattoos with a similar meaning:

  • Music player or tape recorder. Such tattoos can refer to a person’s love for a rare technique. A tape recorder is a storm of emotions and a bright life. It is closely related to the tape cassette.
  • Music disc;
  • Microphone;
  • Headphones.


Photo examples of a tattoo picture with an audio cassette (202 photos):

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Although a cassette may seem a relic of the past, but tattoos with this image are still very popular.


There are different variations of creating a plot:

  • A tattoo of a music lover. The plot is simple: the image of the tape coming out of the cassette, with the statement about the music. Sometimes it is complemented by text on the cassette.
  • An image that represents a return to the past, to the youth when the tapes were popular. The plot of such a tattoo is more personal because of relating to memories.

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In order to make a tattoo even more meaningful, a cassette tattoo is often complemented be memorable dates, names of famous musicians, names of favorite songs, quotations of musicians or just lines from a song.

The “wheels” on the tape cassette represent the circle of life, which have many inspiring moments.

The cassette and tape recorder are closely related to each other, they have almost the same meaning. They represent love of music, harmony, confidence. They show that there are no outer limits in life.

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A tattoo with a cassette image is more suitable for a person who loves movement, optimism, energy and fun. In most cases, these are guys, young and cheerful.

The ideal place for tattoo is forearm, shoulder and back.

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