The Meaning Of Bogatyr Tattoo (Russian warriors)

Today it is offered to you to learn the meaning of the tattoo of the hero as known as «bogatyr», some interesting facts from the history of such a drawing and also view some pretty good options for modern tattoos. It will be very informative for people who work on a unique tattoo patterns.

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The Meaning Of Bogatyr Tattoo (Russian Hero) - information about tattoo design options and photos; examples of ready-made tattoo designs

The Meaning Of Bogatyr Tattoo (Russian Hero) – information about tattoo design options and photos; examples of ready-made tattoo designs

The Meaning Of Bogatyr Tattoo (Russian warriors) – The most interesting

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   Tattoo is not just a picture on the body, it is a great opportunity to tell the world about your qualities and hobbies. Sometimes a tattoo reflects a person’s knowledge and passion for the history of different peoples. Tattoo depicting the hero (bogatyr) tell the people around you that you are a lover of Russian history and mythology.

The hero (bogatyr) is familiar to all from childhood the image of a powerful hero from fairy tales and the ancient epics. They symbolize the era when courage was the greatest advantage of men. The image has a native Slavic origin, and the names of the heroes became legendary and entered the history of the people. Now there is a great rise of interest in Russian culture and traditions. The tattoo with the hero (bogatyr) love young people and as well as the older generation. The tattoo of the hero (bogatyr) is a good option for strong-minded, confident men who want to be as strong and brave as these brave old Russian heroes.

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Indications are preserved in historical records and chronicles about that some events that have passed into the epics really took place in history. The heroes (bogatyrs) stood guard over Russia and also at the outpost.

Image options of the tattoo of the hero (bogatyr).

Tattoo depicting the hero is a relatively new round in the history of tattoo, all the masters agree that this is a complex work, which has its own characteristics associated with the fact that the tattoo hero is a portrait work.


Photo examples drawing tattoo hero (118 photos):

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To perform such a tattoo, you need a very good skilled master with a pretty good handle. Ask to make a sketch of the future drawing for you, and if you are satisfied with the quality and skill, you can safely fill the mighty hero on your body.

There are many options how you can portray the hero (bogatyr). You can portray it in full height or riding a horse. Also an army can be depicted around the hero (bogatyr) and maybe he will be alone in the middle of the field. There are many variations and they are limited only by your imagination. You can include elements of the orthodox Christian and faith or even additional symbols. The tattoo can be black and white or made in color. In epic stories such heroes have always been portrayed as brave warriors, and it means that special attention should be paid to the details related to weapons and ammunition of your hero (bogatyr). He could be wearing chain mail and carrying a shield. Choose a well-designed image of the hero (bogatyr) in full combat attire. It will enhance the artistic value of your tattoo and will attract the enthusiastic looks of girls.

Photo tattoo Russian warriors 31.07.2019 №074 - tattoo bogatyr -

Meaning of tattoo hero.

The meaning of this image is associated with strength, courage and resistance. The man who chose this pattern as a tattoo ready to stand up for the weak, to punish the evil, especially for other people. The hero (bogatyr) calls for courage and bravery, people wearing tattoos with a «bogatyr» on his shoulder or back, most likely good defenders and patriots of their country and history.

However, it should be noted that the image of the hero (bogatyr) does not have a certain meaning, rather this symbol can indicate the quality of the man wearing it. Such a man is a fighter for justice, never leaves a friend in trouble. Also such a man will help to solve difficult situations. Men with a tattoo of a hero (bogatyr), as a rule, become good husbands and pass on to their children the best qualities of character.

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