The meaning of tattoo crystal

This page will explain the meaning of crystal tattoo, will help you choose a picture, will offer popular options and describe their interpretation, meaning, history.

THE MEANING OF TATTOO CRYSTAL - collection of photo examples and information about the features of the tattoo pattern

THE MEANING OF TATTOO CRYSTAL – collection of photo examples and information about the features of the tattoo pattern

The meaning of tattoo crystal – all the most interesting about tattoo drawing

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Interesting about the meaning, history, interpretation and meaning of tattoo crystal


A tattoo is a purely individual thing and is chosen only by its owner. Only the owner decides what meaning a particular image will have. However, many elements or entire images can have not only personal meaning, invested by the owner, but also a certain mythology value.


Tattoo with the image of a crystal is one of the most popular. Someone chooses the image of a crystal in the form of a diamond, and someone – a rough nugget. The choice of image in any case depends on the owner, but the value of the picture must be considered.

Most often, the owner of a tattoo with the image of a crystal is a person with a firm and strong-willed character, he is purposeful, has willpower and independence. It is also believed that the image of the crystal brings luck and success.


Since ancient times, the Buddhists’ crystals had a special meaning. A huge number of diamonds can be found on the throne of the Buddha, and ruby crystals mean the uniqueness and superiority of its owners.

There are such types of crystals as:



Almost every person associates a diamond with luxury, wealth, hardness and, at the same time, with purity. The image of the diamond can be considered a talisman for good luck and wealth, as well as the stone is a protection against the evil eye, evil spirits. Most often, such images can be seen on the visible parts of the body – forearms, wrist, back.



Rubies mean the uniqueness, exclusivity and privilege of the owner, as well as its exclusivity, emphasizes individuality. The image of ruby is popular among women, they emphasize their beauty, rarity. Another value of this stone can be considered the love of a beautiful life, it kindles love and passion. Such an image, like a diamond, is traditionally applied to the visible parts of the body.


This beautiful green stone is considered the strongest talisman for health in all nations of the world. Emerald is a symbol of fertility and youth, immortality, as well as a symbol of water and purity in many mythologies. This image is best applied to the hidden areas of the body, where only its owner and loved ones will see it.



Image of the pan-blue stone on the body means purity of owner, his faith in truth. As well as emerald, this stone should be represented only on the closed area of a body.


Another symbol of luck is the image of the stone – agate. The meaning of this stone is resistance, victory on the love front. And in the folklore, this stone protects from weapons and considered a symbol of peace.

Popular options of crystal tattoos:

– tattoo crystal and rose;

– tattoo crystal with crown;

– tattoo small crystal;

– tattoo crystal with flowers;

– henna tattoo crystal;

– tattoo crystal with lettering;

– tattoo crystal watercolor;

– sleeves tattoo crystal;

– other.

The place of tattooing crystal:

–  tattoo crystal on the finger;

–  tattoo crystal on the leg;

–  tattoo crystal on the wrist;

–  tattoo crystal on the neck;

–  tattoo crystal behind the ear;

–  tattoo crystal on a stomach;

–  tattoo crystal on the calves;

–  tattoo crystal in the hand;

–  other.

The desire for beauty is inherent in human being by nature, and the tattoo has become a way to decorate own body since ancient times. But the symbols, used for tattoos, can have several meanings, so you need to take into account this factor. The image of the crystal on the body will attract good luck to its owner, but the most accurate value must be determined by the type of the crystal!


Photo examples of a tattoo pattern with a crystal from 09/30/2019 (203 tattoo patterns):

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Refined galleries with crystal tattoo designs:

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crystal and rose tattoo

crystal calf tattoo

crystal finger tattoo

crystal leg tattoo

crystal neck tattoo

crystal sleeve tattoo

crystal tattoo on the stomach

crystal tattoo small

crystal tattoo with flowers

crystal watercolor tattoo

crystal wrist tattoo


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Article prepared by: SANDRALEBEDINET (Lebedinets Alexandra Stepanovna)

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