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The bird image has always been associated with freedom and inaccessibility, with spiritual purity and integrity. That is why the images of have become so popular in the tattoo culture, as they have a pronounced positive symbolism and semantic content. Of course, the dominance of certain meanings depends on what kind of bird is shown in the picture.

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PIGEON TATTOO MEANING - information about the features of the picture and photo examples of finished tattoo drawings

PIGEON TATTOO MEANING – about the features of the picture and photo examples of finished tattoo

What does the pigeon in tattoo mean? Examples in the photo.

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One of the most popular in the tattoo culture is the pigeon.

To date, there are many interpretations of the pigeon tattoo meaning, since this bird has always had very rich symbolism in all religions and countries. In almost all cultures, the pigeon was a symbol of goodness and grace. Tattoos depicting a pigeon are particularly popular in Christian countries, as in their religion, this bird is a symbol of the Holy Spirit, chastity and peace.

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The meaning of the tattoo “pigeon with the olive branch” as a symbol of bright hope is associated with the legend of the Great Flood. It says that God was disappointed in the human race and decided to wipe it off the of the earth. He ordered Noah to build an ark, bring there a pair of animals and of all kinds, and he sent a flood on people as a punishment for human sins. But Noah and his ark survived the disaster. Some time after the flood, Noah sent a pigeon and a crow, so that they would find at least some kind of a dry land. The pigeon returned, holding the olive branch in its beak, and thus gave people the hope that somewhere in the new land a bright future awaited them. In addition, a pigeon with a palm branch in its beak symbolizes the victory of man over death.


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Pigeon tattoo meaning: faith, hope, love.

Many people make a tattoo depicting a pigeon as a talisman against evil forces, as well as a symbol of atonement for sins. The pigeon in the prisoner tattoo symbolizes the freedom he wants to find again. Also, the pigeon symbolizes femininity, motherhood, unconditional love. For lovers, a pigeon is a symbol of love, devotion, family ties (there is a belief that pigeons, having found a mate, are committed to each other all their lives). On this subject, there are many variations of the tattoo: kissing pigeons, two flying pigeons holding one in their beaks, two pigeons sitting on the same branch. People often make a tattoo depicting a flying pigeon in memory of a deceased loved one, which is a symbol of a pure immaculate soul, aspiring to heaven. The pigeon, soaring in flight, also symbolizes the desire for freedom, independence, and liberation from restrains.

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A tattoo depicting a pigeon is suitable for both men and women. Another plus of this pattern is that it can be put on a small area of the without damage for quality (for example, on the neck, ankle, or wrist). Complement the image of the pigeon with various inscriptions and additional elements that bring the uniqueness and individual meaning to the tattoo.

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