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In this article you will learn some general facts about the orca (killer whale) tattoo and its meanings, get acquainted with some examples of completed tattoos. You will also learn about its history and interpretation. The site has additional catalog sections that will help you get the idea for your future tattoo:

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Interesting Facts About the Orca Tattoo

People are made this way – they always want to be different from others. This characteristic is typical for any person at all stages of his development. In most cases, nature itself has ensured that people differ from each other. Some people are born with distinctive abilities while others acquire them with hard work throughout life. And then at some moment in the past people questioned – how to show others their abilities? Some nationalities assigned a name to a person that characterized his abilities, and others expressed his characteristic abilities in the form of drawings. These drawings, symbolizing the person’s essence, were applied onto his body. Such expressions of one’s individuality and originality, applied onto the body, were called tattoos. By reading the drawings on the human body one can make a “personality portrait” of the owner. That’s why it is important to learn about the purpose of each drawing and its interpretation. A tattoo on a person’s body reflects not only his physical abilities, but also his position in society, his life direction or religious affiliation. For those who are interested in the semantic interpretation of each figure, special explanatory dictionaries have been developed.

A Bit of History

Here are a few facts from Indian mythology. In the legends of the Indians that inhabited Canada, orcas were viewed as guardians and rulers of seas and oceans. Indians believe that they are symbols of longevity and love. And there is some truth in it – it’s a well-known fact that the orca family does not break up, but remains for life.

Orca Tattoo Interpretation

So what does an orca tattoo on the person’s body mean? The orca symbolizes abundance and prosperity. We can also say that the owner of such tattoo is a cheerful person and knows how to take the best from life. It is believed that the orca belongs to the group of smart animals, which means that the symbolic interpretation of such tattoo is also quite favorable. In other words, the person who decided to get an orca tattoo wants to emphasize his acute mind, love for freedom and the desire to be always on top.

It is believed that orca tattoos originated in Polynesia. The tattoos in Polynesian style are beautiful and sophisticated, but they are difficult to draw. The Polynesian style tattoos have their distinctive meanings. The difference is that its meaning changes depending on the position on the body. The orca tattoo made in Polynesian style symbolizes friendship.

Thus, the orca tattoo refers to tattoos with positive meanings.



The orca tattoo can be made on different parts of the body, both for men and women.  For men, such tattoos are usually applied on the shoulders, shoulder blades, legs, arms. For women, orcas are usually depicted in a classical style. This image symbolizes their propensity for cheerfulness and playfulness. Many believe that such a tattoo on a woman emphasizes her high intelligence and desire for power. Women prefer to apply the orca tattoo on their lower back, arms, ankles, shoulders and on the right or left side of the body.


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