The meaning of tattoo circle

In this article we will try to reveal the meaning of the tattoo circle, the meaning and history of this . We offer such sections of the catalog as photo tattoo circle and sketches for tattoo circle for those, who want to get acquainted with examples of drawings before going to the tattoo salon. More examples here:

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THE MEANING OF TATTOO CIRCLE - information about the features of the tattoo pattern and a collection of photo examples of finished tattoos

THE MEANING OF TATTOO CIRCLE – information about the features of the tattoo pattern and a collection of photo examples of finished tattoos

History and meaning of tattoo circle

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Recently, tattoos in the form of geometric shapes are gaining more and more relevance. They carry a deep sacred symbolism, and the choice of tattoos in the form of a geometric figure should be approached with great attention, having specific ideas about the interpretation of symbols.

The circle has long been one of the most symbolic geometric shapes. This is the beginning of understanding nature and the universe. There are the knowledge of the earth, the cycles of all , the universe in the symbol of the circle.

Circle in the ancient world


Even the most ancient peoples were observing the movements of the Sun and Moon.  The images of these two planets, cyclically following each other, were found in rock paintings. The Moon and the Sun were depicted as a circle.

The ancient period is characterized by the frequent use of the form of a circle in its symbolism –  monoliths of Stonehenge, ancient observatory, built in the form of circle, ancient Egyptian symbolism, symbolism of druids, Sumerians and Greeks.

In ancient Chinese philosophy, the teachings of the male and female, the harmony of light and darkness was fit into a circle in the form of a symbol of Yin and Yang.

The circle in the mystical teachings


This sacredness and reverence of the circular form comes from the idea that the circle has neither beginning nor end, it is a symbol of eternity and infinity, where one matter and state flow from another and cyclically pass into a third and so on endlessly.

The divine energy in mysticism is also depicted in the form of a circle with .

The circle represents the sun, a mystical symbol in the form of a disk or wheel.


Photo examples of a tattoo with a circle (959 photos):

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The shape of the circle in the tattoo


For fans and followers of completely different world philosophies and creeds, tattoo in the form of a circle will be an ideal find.

The main motives of tattoos with a key element – a circle:


  1. Tattoo artists can offer a variety of for the execution of the sketch – laconic geometry with a combination of dark, fully filled with color circles with light forms, consisting only of contours. Such a sketch can be supplemented with parallel lines, which symbolically will mean the solar system or the image of the planets, large and small.
  2. One of the most common symbols in the tattoo is the symbol of Yin and Yang – male and female, the harmony of the two elements and the essences of all life. This symbol also represents a circle. divided equally into black and light halves.
  3. One of the favorite mythological and astrological symbols inscribed in the circle is the sun, or a combination of the sun and the moon. The sun in the circle speaks of eternal life, the sun in combination with the moon – about the cycle of life, about the dark and light periods.
  4. The circle can be drawn as discontinuous and solid lines, the circle can be inscribed with various symbols, the combination of which can become a strong or information that you want to convey to the world.
  5. The symbol with deep meaning is the eye in the circle. It is not only a powerful talisman, but also the third eye and the all-seeing eye, which never sleeps and is able to see the thoughts of people.

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