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This page will help you realize Barbed wire tattoo meaning, show examples of popular designs, and tell about interpretations in criminal life as well as about the pictures tattooed by those who had never been imprisoned. Additional Information:

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Barbed wire tattoo design - information about the features of the tattoo pattern and a collection of photo examples

Barbed wire tattoo design – information about the features of the tattoo pattern and a collection of photo examples

Interesting facts on the history, interpretation and meaning of Barbed wire tattoo design

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It hasn’t been much time since when the only point of having tattoos was to follow a prison etiquette. It’s a custom for criminals to make tattoos, most often on their arms and shoulders.

A cross behind the Barbed wire

barbed wire tattoo 01.02.2020 №155 -barbed wire tattoo-

Barbed wire design is highly popular among imprisoned criminals. It’s often tattooed in different situations and may represent a lot. Some of the reasons for having a Barbed wire tattoo are:


  • A person was judged unfairly. In this case, the image of the cross plays an important role as a symbol of superior justice.
  • A number of spikes may represent a number of years spent in prison.
  • Barbed wire combined with a sailing boat in a same design represent a remaining hope despite the following years of imprisonment.
  • Barbed wire on one’s wrist or forehead means life sentence.
  • In a female prison, a tattooed rose covered in barbed wire belongs to girls who spent their 18th birthday being judged and imprisoned.


Photo examples of tattoos with barbed wire from 02.01.2020 (184 photos):

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Will tell all the truth


But one day Barbed wire tattoos caught attention of those who had never been in prison and know nothing about criminal world. This is an understandable tendency as the design actually looks good and can represent one’s attitude towards the rest of the world.

barbed wire tattoo 01.02.2020 №152 -barbed wire tattoo-

Now, a Barbed wire tattoo is not an obvious sign of an ex-prisoner but a symbol of a strong personality and willingness to represent is through the choice of a tattoo design. Here is what else it could mean:

  • A passionate lover or the one suffering from love and passion. In this case there could also be a heart cruelly burning in a fire with rings of a barbed wire wrapping around it.
  • The one representing general attitude towards love through the tattooed picture. Barbed wire combined with two united hearts is a sign of strong relationship.

barbed wire tattoo 01.02.2020 №146 -barbed wire tattoo-

  • A lover recovering from a broken heart. In this case a heart cut by a barbed wire is bleeding and crying. Blood is not necessary to be red.
  • The tattoo owner is mourning a death on the beloved one. These people often add a name of the person who is gone near to the barbed wire pattern.
  • A fighter who took part in a war in another country. Then alongside with a Barbed wire there would be a picture of the flag.
  • For religious people barbed wire is a symbol of the crown of thorns. They see as a representation of not only faith and mercy, but also a compassion towards every human being.

barbed wire tattoo 01.02.2020 №142 -barbed wire tattoo-

  • A faithful person with a tattooed barbed wire accepts the sacrifice of the Christ who suffered for the sins of the man and thus this person coexist to the son of god.
  • A person have gone through some hard times in their life. Such a tattoo would look like a torn Barbed wire with huge breaks and spaces.
  • If the wire is cut by a rose or a dove than its owner is dreaming of a peaceful life and a world without violence and war.
  • A rebellious and asocial person who thinks that violence is necessary and who’s willing to propagandize this point may represent it by having a barbed wire tattoo.

barbed wire tattoo 01.02.2020 №137 -barbed wire tattoo-

This all perfectly shows how negative criminal and prison-related connotations are nothing in face of the mass wish to adopt a nice design. Young people often threat this tattoo a beautiful accessory and wear it on their forearm, biceps, wrist or ankle. They also may wish to stress their masculine traits such as strength and unbreakable will. Usually tattoo is styled as a thin bracelet. It could be black or it could be colored if such is a wish of the client.

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