The fir tree tattoo meaning

This article contains information about meaning of the fir tree tattoo, it’s history and meaning. An information about interesting variations of tattoos also can be found in this article. People, who creates a unique variation of a tattoo and looks for an idea for it, should watch next chapters of the catalogue after reading this article.

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The fir tree tattoo meaning - information about the features of the picture and photo examples of finished tattoos

The fir tree tattoo meaning – information about the features of the picture and photo examples of finished tattoos

Interesting facts about the fir tree tattoo

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Popularity of tattoos that relate plant theme, not fall with every year. The statistics of tattoo studios displays that quantity of the people, who wants to make a fir tree tattoo, increases. Every nation has its own meaning of this tattoo. This is about what the fir tree tattoo has, the deities, our ancestry personified it and the part of the body to make a tattoo.

Fir tree is not only a symbol of the New Year

Fir tree is an evergreen plant that has special totemic meaning of the eternal life and human immortality in it. The fir tree tattoo has different symbolical meaning in the opinion of every nation. It was used for sacrifice or funeral fire often. Magicians and healers used it’s brunches in their rituals to look beyond the veil of the future and find connection with the eternity. The fir tree symbolized mourning in vision of some nations also.


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The ancient Greeks interpreted the meaning of fir tree as a symbol of hope, the Celts considered it to be a symbol of the endless fertility. The ancient Christians personified it with the Christ. It personified victimhood and supremacy of life over death for them. A Christmas tree is a symbol of new life cycle.

Fir tree had also quite symbolical meaning in the culture of the ancient Slavs. It’s depiction on the body is a person’s essence. It’s roots is his connection with his native land, inseparable relations with forefathers and future generations. The Egyptians worshiped fir tree and inflicted it’s depiction on the body because considered it to be an incarnation of the paramount deities Isis and Osiris. The Chinese depicted fir tree kept by dragons and considered it to be a symbol of human immortality.

According to common interpretation that is given by all the tattoo experts today, the fir tree symbolizes reliability, strong health and ability to physical and mental heal. The depiction of fir tree tattoo has fealty and bravery, the power of inner spirit and royalty also.

Fir tree was considered to be an embodiment and a symbol of flame because of it’s resemblance with a fire. It was considered to be unusual and divine fire, that was able to protect his owner from attacks of dark forces. It will help to recover inner spiritual world and physical health. Fir tree has the best meanings, brings luck and protects. These evergreen are sated special magnetism and vivifying qualities.

Any part of the body is suits for making the tattoo. Experts of secret symbology of plants and trees say that tattoo should be made in full growth to disclose all secret and sacral forces, and magical properties of fir tree. It should be drawn accurately with roots and benches, that are spread widely.

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